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The Practical Shop

The Practical Shop The Practical Shop started out in business on July of 1997 in a little space at Los Banos Grove area in Laguna, just outside the University of the Philippines. With only a small amount of capital, Mrs. Grace Cariaga, owner, sold pre-owned items such as magazines, toys and other household items and of course books written by best selling authors. At the start, these items were all from friends and different garage sales and bookshops in Manila. The business blossomed through the years, they had catered not only to UP students but also to other students around Los Baņos and even to simple housewives who love reading romantic novels. As their market expanded, they had relocated from the small space along the Grove to their recent location, an old house near the corner of Mt. Halcon street, their new home offered a space for some chairs that allowed costumers private reading. Their shop is open from 9am to 7 pm Mondays to Fridays and 10 am to 5pm Saturdays to Sundays.

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