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shark SArk sharp SArp shave Sev shawl Scl she Si shear Syr sheath Siq sheathe SiQ sheaths SiQz shed SEd sheep Sip sheer Syr sheet Sit sheik Sik shelf SElf shell SEl shelve SElv shield Sild shift Syft shin Syn shine SYn ship Syp shire SYr shirk SRk shirt SRt shit Syt shoal Sol shock SAk shod SAd shoe Su shone Son shook SUk shoot Sut shop SAp shore Scr shorn Scrn short Scrt shot SAt should SUd shout SWt shove SVv show So shrank SraGk shred SrEd shrew Sru shrewd Srud shriek Srik shrill Sryl shrimp Srymp shrine SrYn shrink SryGk shroud SrWd shrub SrVb shrug SrVg shrunk SrVGk shuck SVk shun SVn shunt SVnt shut SVt shy SY sick syk side sYd siege siD sieve syv sift syft sigh sY sight sYt sign sYn silk sylk sill syl silt sylt sin syn since syns sing syG singe synD sink syGk sip syp sir sR sire sYr sit syt site sYt six syks size sYz skate sket sketch skET skew skju ski ski skid skyd skill skyl skim skym skimp skymp skin skyn skip skyp skirt skRt skit skyt skulk skVlk skull skVl skunk skVGk sky 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