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A blue orb.  Note that it's in motion, an indicator of a true orb.

A purple orb, also in motion, and seemingly moving in something other than a linear motion.

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Aura Colors
Blue Calm, relaxed, reserved, balanced, spiritual
Bright Blue Receiving/transmitting energy or in telepathic communication
Gray/Black Shielding, protective, low energy, depression, illness
Green Healthy, balanced, calming, sensual, natural healer
Orange Friendly, open, inspiring, approachable
Pink Perfect balance between spiritual awareness & physical existence
Purple Intuitive
Red Energetic, materialistic person usually, passionate
Turquoise Capable of projection, influential person, well-organized
Yellow Intellectual, joyous, content, generous, independent

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Auric Orbs

Auras have captivated many of those that are spiritually gifted and in touch with their bodies whether through spirit or meditation, and more recently, auras are drawing more attention among paranormal investigation circles.

One must first understand auras to have an understanding of the correlation to orbs. An aura is an energy that encompasses everyone and everything. Everything is comprised of energy -- a rock, a tree, thoughts -- everything. In a human being, the aura is what reflects the energies of the human body and spirit.

Inanimate objects also have auras, whether it's an old desk or a book. Objects tend to pick up imprints of auras and energies from their past, just as places can pick up echoes of those that once lived there. Many believe this imprint is actually the source of ghosts.

In a human, the aura emanates from the seven chakras of the body, which start at the base of the spine and go up to the top of the head. Each is associated with an aspect of a person's whole being, and the aura will appear differently if the chakras are out of alignment or out of synch with each other. The person will probably feel unbalanced when compared to a day of better health and mental well-being.

There are several sites that go through the steps on how to practice seeing auras, and the general idea is to focus your eyes off-center slightly, since a person's peripheral vision is far more sensitive and likely to detect them. You can practice by staring at the picture below until you see the hidden image and you'll get the idea.

This is called a stereogram, and there's s link to the left where you'll find others to practice with. The trick is to get close to your screen, pretend your looking through the image to the other side, and slowly back away, a little at a time.  If you have to blink, do so.  Eventually, you should see the 3D image come into view.

Have you ever been alone and detected a movement out of the corner of your eye? Specifically, if you're relaxed and not expecting it, you've possibly detected an emerging aura... or a ghost. Both can show up in this manner, and both because of this sensitive part of the human eye.

One of the many mysteries about auras is that they so clearly reflect one's body and soul, that the person able to read them can even detect physical illness before symptoms show up, if he knows what to look for. Additionally, a person can learn to control one's own aura through daily cleansing and meditation and by doing so, heal themselves.

Orbs are an often debatable aspect of the paranormal world. Too often when an orb is caught on film, it's caused by dust particles and light reflection. Perhaps this is where auras and true orbs can prove each other. Occasionally orbs hover around a certain place or person, so this may be an indication of recognition and intelligence beyond the grave, not just an echo of a person, but a true soul.

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian invented a camera that photographs the energies known as auras. It's possible, therefore, that when true orbs are photographed, the film is behaving in a similar fashion, much like the Kirlian effect. Just as a petal fallen from a rose shows the same color aura as the rest of the blossom, so might an orb reflect the aura of the spirit it once was inside a living person.

So, how do you know if you've filmed a true orb, whether auric or not?

  • They're usually found at places associated with hauntings, cold spots, and electro-magnetic readings.
  • While rare, some people have seen orbs with the naked eye.
  • Consider your environment. Is it pollen season? Snowing? Are you on an old bridge with dust? Bugs around? Near a road where a distant headlight could be reflected? Did you walk through thick grass or a dirt path/road?
  • What type of camera are you using? Low cost digital cameras can cause visual distortions.
  • Is the photographed orb colored, with a nucleus, possibly in motion?

Because humans have colored auras, it makes sense for their spirits to have them after death. Perhaps this spiritual energy is what animals are so sensitive to. We know they detect energy shifts, since we know they sense earthquakes long before they actually happen. We also know they can sometimes detect disease in human beings, before symptoms appear (remember, disease can also be picked up through auras), so maybe they do this through auras. We may never know or understand if there's truly a correlation, but it does make sense for auras to be carried into the beyond.

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