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Uses for Teflon and Its Importance

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Common Uses:

1. Teflon cooking pans                                              

2. Body Armor

3. Armor Piercing Bullets

4. Cars

    - gears, slide plates, bearings, airbags, chassis, oil filters, etc... 

5. Cleaning Agent 




Commercial Uses:

1. Electrical Conductor

    - used for high radio frequencies

2. Pharmaceutical

    - biotech manufacturing

3. Metal Finishing

    - paints, coatings, etc...

4. Optical Devices

    - wiring/cable coating and glaze




Why Teflon is Useful:

Due to its low friction, it is usefully incorporated by engineers into situations that may create extreme pressure and tension.   Most heavy machinery contains many Teflon parts because of this.  Teflon is also an excellent coating for wires and other conductors due to is low refractive index.  Teflon also performs ideally under conditions of extreme heat and chemical application.   Finally, Teflon is non-stick and non-toxic.  It is useful in any home for cooking and cleaning because of its non-toxic attribute.  


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