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Right so some people have come up with the craziest,dangerous,stupidest ideas to "help lose weight". These are wrong and hazordous to your health.

So I'm going to write up these myths and explain about why they're hazordous. So do yourselves all a favour and DON'T try them at home.

"You can eat whatever you want,just vomit it back up later."
How's that good for your system losing all them calories just like that? You canmake yourslef bleed and even in one case I heard someone gave themselves cardiac arrest from that. And lots of people faint and look pale. Also one model even admitted once she had to get false teeth because at the height of her career she had to throw up to keep herself trim,but in the end the acids from her vomit ate away at her teeth. Ew. So in conclusion,it's not really worth it and you don't get rid of all the calories you're after eating,so don't be tempted to start.

"To make yourself sick,get some string or dental floss and tie it to a Lifesaver(they're like a sweet or something)and swallow it then pull the string back out.
Well firstly it ain't good to be making yourself sick and secondly that's a pretty stupid thing to do now isn't it? I mean what happens if the sweet gets caught somehwere when you're pulling it up? Yeah you'll choke to death. And of course what about all the damage this could do to your esophagus? Cuts that may even be serious enough to be fatal. So it may seem simple or easy but if you swalloed that you know you'd be in deep shit then.

"Take diet pills/ipeac/laxatives,they'll make you lose weight."
Where did you get that from? All three things have been none to be fatal and they can do all sorts of cardio and kidney damage. So don't use them,they don't work.

Cotton wool/dental floss/anything not in the food category is really filling and full of fibre while hardly any calories."
Who the fuck came up with that unbelievable crap? Wow that's stupid. I mean,anyone will tell you never to eat anything that isn't food. Do you know the amount of stress you can cause to your digestive system? The wool/floss/whatever will expand in your stomach,which may cause inflimation or get wrapped around your intestines and cut them terribly to cause internal bleeding,which is very serious. And then when it comes to excretion,it will be a slow and very painful process. So stay away from non-edible stuff,you're not a todler are you?

"Punching yourself in the stomach relieves hunger pain."
Oh it does? If only I was so incredibly gullible.... yes I'm being sarcastic because it makes worse pain to your abdonimal muscles. It may even leave marks or bruises.

More to be added..........

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