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The Paul McKenna Diet

So this is probably the most effective way of dieting for me anyways,I mean I lost 9.5 kilos in 4 weeks doing this! The official site is here but I've explained everything here a little bit more clearly.

NOTE: Only weigh yourself once the day you start then ONLY EVERY 28 DAYS.

So let's start with the 4 Golden Rules for Thin People

  1. Eat WHATEVER you want
  2. Eat WHENEVER you want
  4. When you're full,STOP

So let's look at these a little more closely.
"Eat WHATEVER you want" - yes he really does mean anything. I still ate a chicken tikka sandwich every day and lost that weight.
"Eat WHENEVER you want" - yes anytime around the clock as long as YOU ARE HUNGRY
"Eat CONSIOUSLY" - let me start by defining "Consiously". To eat consiously means to chew each small mouthful about x25 and savour it,as if it was gormet food. Also Try not to have any distractions at the table like the t.v. or just even talking as you chew. In between each mouthful ask yourself,"am I full?" I'll explain how this helps later on down the page.
"When you're full,STOP" - as soon as you feel full forget about how much is left on the plate,you're not hungry. So put the knife and fork down,don't worry,no one will think you weird,I promise :-)

Right so now that we have them facts established let's get a little bit more background info and facts and tips and stuff lol that explain this diet.
As I was saying above,eating consiously is really great,probably the most important rule of the 4 rules. But you're probably thinking what I thought when I first heard that, "But why?What's the point?" well,the science/fact part is that every single person's stomach sends messages to the brain to stop eating when they're full. However an overweight person's brain has learnt to override these messages. That's why when you eat conciously you can learn to hear these messages again. Eventually it becomes natural to you(It has to me anyway lol)

Here's a question that's asked alot - "But how do you really know when you're hungry?" - Sometimes you eat because you're bored/stressed/upset/angry/ect.. and need a release of serotone(A chemical in your brain that makes you happier.Released when eating.) So now you know that you may find it hard at first to establish exactly the difference of hunger and a craving. A simple test to do so however is use a magical elixer known as.............WATER! Lol yes just your normal,average,tap water! Simply sip a glass of water and if you're still feeling hungry after five minutes then go eat! This does make sense aswell because it's been scientifically proven that 75% of the time when you're hungry you actually turn out to be dehydrated. Scary eh? xD

So just about every person has had a temptation to go buy that extra little chocolate bar or eat a couple of chocolate digestives in the adds of your favourite soap on tv,it's natural. But you do these things even when you're fairly full - so it has to stop. There's a little system of tapping yourself in various places in a percific order that then acts like you're typing a code into your body to stop these cravings. Mr. McKenna mentioned this method comes from Chinese accupuncture.
While thinking about the craving you are experiencing tap yourself 10 times with your right index finger on the following places in this order:

Then still while tapping the back of your left hand....
NOTE: you may want to go somewhere private(Your room,the loo,ect...)lol because it may look a little alarming to see a teen tapping her hand while rolling her eyes all directions. Lol!

Now onto the excercise. Okay I know about 95% of you all thought "Oh crap I hate excercise...." ect.. lol but don't worry,I ain't talking intense two hour sessions,I'm talking 15 minutes of walking that's all. And your 15 minutes could even be made by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or taking the long route to the shop,whatever

MOTIVATION for excercising!

Everyone's biggest problem lol,but it is hard. However there is something Mr. McKenna said to imagine the time you felt really motivated to do something - anything at all! Then attach that feeling to walking. And now you're motivated to go lol!

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