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I hate Gryffindor. Well... not really. They did better than us and won fair a square. I have nobody to blame for the loss than myself. was a heck of a lotta fun! As my friends know, I am part of a web site community called #5 Privet Drive. The main theme of the site is based on Harry Potter. When you join, they have you sit at the Sorting Hat and you are placed in a house. I was put in Slytherin...well...because I guess thats what fit me the best. Muhahahaa.

We spent lots and lots of time working on winning the house cup. We played games, started threads, posted ads, and spammed like there was no tommorrow, all to get points to go towards the house cup competition.

We lost by only a Gryffindor. If I would have only applied myself sooner, or put in more work we could have won.

To top it all off, we bet like 45k points that we would win the cup, so we are starting out -45,000 points. But you know what? NO hard feelings! I had a fun time! We will win the next cup. No more "Sorcerer's Stone" endings where Slytherin is ahead and then loses to Gryffindor at the last minute!!!

Go Slytherin!


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