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Sunday May 7 2006

Yay Day off today! I've been playing some EVE Online this morning. Its kind of chilly in here so I decided to bundle up in a blanket while I play. The leader of our Corp (guild) is trying to set up a space station for us! I was kinda bored last night because instead of playing we were hauling stuff around for it. I'm sure it will be well worth it though.

I should go work out some...but feeling lazy...maybe I'll wait until it warms up outside, its still cold this morning.

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Saturday May 6 2006

Today I worked early, and am finally home! Yay! I decided to kick off my shoes and relax a bit. Now my weekend can officially start, since I am off work tomorrow. Yay again!
Maybe we will go out for a movie this weekend. Mission Impossible 3 is out new this weekend, and I'm pretty sure my hubby wants to see it too. How can I pass up, after all, it does star Tom Cruise! =)

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Friday May 5 2006

I was a good girl this morning. Its my day off and I got so much done! I woke up and did my workout right away. Then I rode my bike for a while. Its such a pretty day. I'm glad I didn't stay inside and play Guild Wars. Then after I got back, I looked around to see what housework I should take on today. *cough* well okay, I'll admit I logged in to Guild Wars and tried to get a group for about 10 minutes. I couldn't get on a team, so I decided to log off a bit and then do housework =)

I did some laundry while I did the semi-annual closet change over. Time to take the winter clothes and put them away and get out the summer cloths. I should also be deciding what stuff don't fit, and see what stuff needs to go. I just put clothes in the closet or dresser without discarding any. (yay! my dresser actually looks like a real dresser and not Mt. Clothesmore).

I logged in to EVE Online for a bit and made sure I had a skill training. Once I did that, I thought I'd sweep the house. There was hair all clogged around the roller (yeck) so I got out the scissors and cut it off, put on a fresh sweeper belt and put it back together. I finished sweeping, and decided while I was motivated to go outside and mow the grass. We live on a small lot, so it wasn't too bad. Then, after the grass was mowed, I put the mover away and went into the cool house. Ahhh. I lit some candles and sat down to relax a bit. Time for a nice cool shower.

Tonight when my hubby gets home, we're going to do some level 3 missions on Eve with our Corp (guild) leader. It should be fun. I've been working on improving my support ship skills, so I can "heal" shields, while the boys blast the snot out of our targets. Until he gets home from work, (since I've done enough housework for the day) maybe I can find a group in Guild Wars. =)

Thursday May 4 2006

My poor tummy! I ate something yesterday that didn't agree with me. I've been sick most of the night last night. I wasn't able to keep any food or liquid down. This morning I'm feeling somewhat better, but still very tender in my tummy. If it was food from work, I wonder if anyone else got sick? I guess I'll find out when I go in today at noon.

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Wednesday May 3 2006

Ahhh what a long day. I packed a nice lunch to bring with me to work. Once I got to work, I realized I left my lunch at home on the kitchen table. I didn't have time to run back home and get it. I ended up getting something almost edible and certainly unhealthy from the snack counter. Then the workday itself was pretty rough. I was moving around TVs (with some help), swapping out bad splitter boxes, and crawling around under racks and counters to run HD cables. It seems like the harder you work, the more they give you to do. I am still the Retail Goddess (I have my plaque of Sam Walton hanging in my computer room to prove it so there! muhahaha), and nothing so slight can keep me down for long.


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The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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Tuesday May 2 2006

It was another thrilling early Tuesday morning for me at work. Tuesdays always go fast because I never get a chance to stand still. There is always something that needs done. First and foremost, I have the task of stocking the "New Releases" on DVD and CD. Several good movies came out today.

New On DVD
  • Last Holiday
  • Hoodwinked
  • The Family Stone
  • Flight 93
  • American Dad

  • New On CD
  • Tool - 10,000 Days
  • Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
  • Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam

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    Monday May 1 2006

    Well, in typical kiddo fashion, they decided that they weren't so much into seeing the movie yesterday as I was, so the hubby and I decided we will go see RV tomorrow. Both of us get off work early, so we should be able to hit a bargain matinee showing. I wanted to see the movie yesterday, but at least this way I'll get off a little cheaper.

    Mario "Live"!

    One of my co-workers sent me this hillarious link. Its from the Golden Goose - A yearly talent show held at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. This video is a "live" performance of the first level from Super Mario Brothers. Live Action Super Mario.

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    Transporter 2

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    Sunday April 30 2006

    Nothing really interesting happened last night at work. I got home and just relaxed some with the family.

    We're planning on going to the movies today to see RV. I like Robin Williams... he is a classic and contagiously hillarious, and Jojo is my favorite young actress.(I think Jojo was the best actress in that flop of a movie "Aquamarine"). Hopefully all the best parts of RV aren't just in the previews. I'll post my thoughts about it here later tonight or tomorrow.

    Guild Wars : Factions is holding my attention pretty well. I made a new Ritualist. The Ritualist is a spirit summoner who uses minions to attack, heal, defend, and buff.
    I'm still splitting my game time between Factions and EVE Online. My favorite part of Eve is how you gain your skill levels. If you log in you can set what skills you want to advance and then log back off, and it will learn them while you are offline (or playing Guild Wars lol).

    Saturday April 29 2006

    Lazy Day

    Another late shift workday coming up for I'm spending the morning not doing too much at all. I guess I did do a little housework, and then neglected the rest to play Factions a while. Gloomy outside, and I didn't even go out to workout or bike ride this morning. yawwwn! =) Maybe something interesting will happen at work today (or not).

    Friday April 28 2006

    Guild Wars Factions Goes Live Today

    Its here finally! I'm pretty hyped up about it, I admit.
    I played some yesterday during the pre-order "head start" period. I explored a litte bit of Cantha with my new Assassin. I'll play with the ritualist some today. Assassins wield daggers with fatal precision and can teleport to strike down enemies up close, while Ritualists summon the spirits of the dead to control the battlefield. The graphics are stunning (on my new video card - yay!) and they have new faces, hair styles and armor sets to pick from. Guild Wars Factions

    Thursday April 27 2006

    Today I go in to work early afternoon and stay until close. So just as the hubby is ready to be getting home from work, I'm goin in to work. Yeck! Well at least I get to sleep in. After I post this, I'm going to go workout some, then ride my bike and hit the shower.

    After I'm all clean and shiney I'll settle down to game a while. I found out my Everquest 2 trial is over. I thought it was a 14 day trial, but it was only 7 days. boooo =( I was having so much fun playing EVE Online that I lost track of time.

    One of the guys in our Corp (guild) said that they sometimes play a girl character in order to gain an upper hand in PvP. He said that if he played a girl toon, his opponent would go easier on him thinking maybe he was really a girl.
    I argued that from a female prospective, I never really found that to be true when I would PvP. My opponents would go after me just as fiercely as they do anyone else.
    I commented that I kinda suck at PvP anyway though, and then my hubby says "Well, thats because you ARE a girl." I want to practice and get really good at PvP just to prove them wrong! Then, when he least expects it...boom! I will be standing there with my guns smoking and warm over his dead character's body. Muhaha!

    Polar Express!

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    Wednesday April 26 2006

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    Tuesday April 25 2006

    Ahhhh. I'm home from another "new release" Tuesday at work. There was a lot for me to put out on the shelves today. The worst part is moving around all the old crap to fit in the new stuff.


  • Tristan and Isolde
  • Windtalkers
  • Aeon Flux
  • Shopgirl
  • Casanova
  • Dr. Dolittle 3

  • Music:

  • Goo Good Dolls - Let Love In
  • Mercyme - Coming Up to Breathe

  • Tonight's Game - EQ 2 and more than likely Eve Online with our new Corp (guild) "Spirit Corp".

    Tonight's dinner - Hubby is going to make dinner for me tonight…he makes a fabulous peppered chicken with rice.

    Movie while we eat dinner - Serenity!

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    Monday April 24 2006

    Hey everyone.
    Dinner last night was great...we had chopped steak with onions and mushrooms, potato, salad, and dessert all for $7.99 each ( a special they run on Sundays )

    Today was another typical blah Monday. I'm just home from work. ahhhhhhhh.
    Tomorrow is new release DVD day for me so I'll be going to bed somewhat early in order to be at work at 6am. *yawn* Makes me sleepy just thinking of it. I'll post what new came out tomorrow afternoon when I get home.

    Tonight's game: Eve Online again
    Movie/TV while I game: dunno havent decided yet...prolly watch more Dark Angel on DVD

    Game on!


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