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Sunday April 9 2006

Free 32 MB USB Drive - expired

Request the free "brocure" from Audi.

Thursday April 6 2006

Guild Wars : Factions

I decided I want to try out the new Guild Wars expansion. I have friends who are into this game, and some family members talking about playing it again with me. So, if I decide to play GW again regularly, I might as well have the expansion and all the pre-order goodies that go along with it, right?
The graphics looks amazing, especially on my shiny new video card. (woohoo!)
The Pre-Order disk is only $1, and that goes toward the cost of the game when you buy it. Guild Wars Preorder Disk

New Dell Coupons!

If you need a new PC this is a great deal with the monitor and everything. Configure it as close as you can to $1000 bucks and you pay around $600. Not too shabby.

Save 40% on SELECT Dimension™ desktop purchases $999 or more!

Offer excludes XPS desktops. This offer is not combinable with other dollars off, percentage off or mail-in rebates. Only one coupon may be applied per cart at checkout. Coupon code expires after first 4,000 uses, or when the limited time offer expires, whichever is earlier. Offers subject to change. View details in My Cart. Enter coupon code at checkout to receive this offer.

Use coupon code BXPLJ0WM7JBD2W (Exp. 4/13/06 5:59am; 4,000 uses)


And theres more, XPS and Notebooks....Click here for our Dell Coupons Page!

My Video Card is Nice!

Well, it did finally show up, and I put it in without too much fuss. It plays my games very well, and I am extatic. I got my Brute to level 40 last night (yay), so now I am enjoying the endgame with her.

Thursday March 30 2006

Where's my new Video Card?

I ordered a new video card and another gig of RAM from Newegg. Sure, better cards are out there, but this is a slightly older computer with an AGP slot on the motherboard. I figure this will be my last big upgrade to this machine before I get a new computer this summer or fall.

So, I ordered late last week and chose the "3 day Select Shipping", but even if I just count the business days, it really should be called "5 Day Slow-as-Molasses Shipping". I hope it comes today like the online tracking says it should. I want to play my CoV with all the prettys turned all the way up. RANT OFF

LOST Season Pass on iTunes

Never Miss Your Favorite TV Shows! Turn your iPod into your personal, portable digital video recorder by purchasing season passes to some of the hottest shows around. Catch all episodes of shows like Desperate Housewives, Lost and The Daily Show with John Stewart. iTunes

Wednesday March 29 2006

I'm Back!

I got free hosting from GoDaddy when I renewed my website url. I plan on getting things updated a little since the site has been down a couple months. I plan on posting great deals again like I was before. Only the best of the best, though....not like some of the other deal crap sites out there.

I also will put personal blurbs in, rants, movie reviews, and whatever else I feel like because I'm the webmistress, and I can do as I please! Muhaha!

Eyebrow Product Test

One of our companies is doing a product test for downloadable eyebrow stencils. (My God you should see how crappy my eyebrows are shaped...they need this badly! lol) If you are interested in helping out test the downloadable stencils, visit the site at for more information.

City of Villains Collectors Edition for $29.99!

This is the game my husband and I have been playing for several months now. The collectors edition is awesome, it includes the game on DVD (instead of 4 CDs), hero clix figures, and the in-game Archanos cape. We play on the Virtue server, and I have 2 (almost 3!) Villains up to level 40.
We paid $40 for the regular version when it came out, so this is a very spiffy price through Amazon or Game Stop!
City Of Villains

LOST Makes Me Sooooo Mad!

Why do I even watch this show? I wanna pull out my hair! It is so freaking addictive! I was hoping to finally get some answers and instead they added even more to the plate. More Questions!

How can someone be living down in that hatch for so long? The computer equipment down there looks to be pretty and Apple IIe or somethin' lol.

I wonder how many people are going to play 4,8,15,16,23,42 in the lottery?

It makes me mad that I love and hate this show at the same time. RANT OFF.

Dontate to Help Storm Relief Efforts! Hurricane_Katrina 120x60

The Salvation Army and Red Cross are bringing relief to storm victims along the Gulf of Mexico.


Go Slytherin!

I hate Gryffindor. Well... not really. They did better than us and won fair a square. I have nobody to blame for the loss than myself. was a heck of a lotta fun! As my friends know, I am part of a web site community called #5 Privet Drive. The main theme of the site is based on Harry Potter. When you join, they have you sit at the Sorting Hat and you are placed in a house. I was put in Slytherin...well...(read more)

Where are all the deals?

I have recently changed the format of the site, and the deals features will not be posted unless they are really really really worthy. I will still update coupons often on the COUPON PAGE.


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