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I have been working really hard trying to figure out what can I do to make this site more organize and bring you the best of the information I feed off through the internet. Time will tell if I will be able to put this through and being able to put it all together. As you guys will know I have been playing FFXI as you can see from my page and especially from my blog. Things have been shaping up to be very exciting and joyful in the world of Vana'diel. It is the Summer Festival going on right now as we speak where you could interact with differnt party members and do fireworks and haunting down goldfish for alittle quest I'm assuming is going on for the Summer Festival. I will bring you more in depth of what else is going on, in the next couple of hours I'm also going to bring you the new update and find out what other players out there think of the update with new mosters. Keep tuned for more information on that. Please dont forget about the blog I have been starting for a week now. Things have been shaping really well with updates on FFXI and things that happening in the game as well.