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The collage of graphic renderings you will be viewing demonstrates my breadth and versatility as an artist and the purpose is to exhibit my design capabilities, range of skills, and conceptual competency that can be applied to a variety of visual exhibits.

Enjoyment and utility of these graphics is meant to stimulate the viewer. It is my expressed wish to introduce beauty and a sense of harmony to those who see my artistic displays.

View graphics individually in the list below or click on each piece to view the next.

Toby Daniels, Designer.--.Creative Applied Graphics, Desktop Publising and Design.

Conjuring creative concepts.

    Desktop Publishing

    Vector Graphics

Brochure for Smith Barney in Bozeman, MT (7 pages) Logo for Netscape iSales Dept.
Brochure for World Explorer (4 pages) T-shirt design for McGinnis Park
Take-Out Menu for the "Juicy Burger" Bar & Grill (4 pages) Coupon for "LaDeDa Hair Salon"
Take-Out Menu for the Osher Marin JCC (4 pages) Face Cards "At A Glance"
3 Newsletter Advertisements for Pacific Lifestyle Publications The Four Elements
Advertisement for the Theater Arts Department of Santa Rosa JC Sorrowful Clown
Advertisement for Quark Expeditions Intuitive
Letterhead & Business card for Martel Inc. Mandala
  Identified Flying Saucaire
(3 perspectives)
  Identified Flying Saucaire animated (with brief description)
Kiwi Juice Drink Label (scratchboard, pen and ink)  
  Light Switch covers  .
Cougar (watercolor painting)  
Perched Bald Eagle (watercolor pencil)

    Photoshop Compositions

Decahedron (chalk and charcoal, conveying shadow and perspective) Earth Catching
  God Clowning Around
  Child Meets Bunny

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