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2006 Asian


The Asian Games Logo

The 2006 Asian Games are to be held in Doha, Qatar. The country has chosen Orry the Oryx as their mascot. Orry represents QatarÕs national animal the Oryx.

The Asian Games has fist been created after WWII, when a lot of Asian countries became independent.


Until now only 14 Asian Games have been held.  One every 4 year, the same years as the Olympics. So logically this means that the Asian games have been held in 14 countries, they include in order: New Delhi, India. Manila, Philippines. Tokyo, Japan. Jakarta, Indonesia. Bangkok, Thailand. (5,6,8, and 13th). Tehran, Iran. New Delhi, India. Seoul, South Korea, Beijing, China. Hiroshima, Japan. Busan, South Korea. And Doha, Qatar. Next times Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, China.

                               Orry the mascot              

Wushu is one of the sports at the Asian Games

Yes!!! Even chess is included in the Asian Games!

Archery is a crowd favorite