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Academy X

Recorded Identification


Jynn Hwan is one of Korea's top martial artists. Having studied and trained under his father, grandfather and various of other teachers in the art of Tae Kwan Do. Jynn Hwan, though still quite young he has shown an amazing amount of skill and is believed to be quite close to masterhood at such a young age. By the age of 17 ,Jynn Hwan started to train alone. Using his own knowledge of the basic forms of Tae Kwan Do he has developed himself into a stronger self. Training to strike swifter, harder, quicker and with more grace. Training in his reflexes, flexability and agility as well as training in his more physical attributes.

Jynn Hwan trains to become the greatest fighter that he can possibly be. When their is no one left capable of beating him in a fight he has accomplished his goal. Jynn trains in every aspect so that he can become strong enough to withstand all forms of attacks as well as break through all forms of attacks with his own physical strikes.

Special Skills

Jynn Hwan's physical defense and physical defense have become so strong that he has become able to break the special manouvers his attackers may try to fling upon him. Say a man were to throw a fireball the size of a beach ball at Jynn Hwan. Jynn could slam a plam into it and allow the fire ball to disappear or fade away onto his body without harming him. This same action may also deflect that attack which could be most dangerous for his attackers. In defense he can block just about all forms of attacks in the same effect by just bringing himself into a strong blocking position.