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Ms. McCullough's Page
Ms. McCullough's Webpage
School phone-- 928-9830

Why I teach...
I have two kids who are now 17 and 19. When they were very young, they had trouble understanding basic math. I tried what their teacher was doing and it didn't work. I tried manipulating objects, using pictures and using everyday life experiences. Eventually I found that one of these techniques worked for each of them. I found the experience challenging and wanted a job that would challenge me everyday. It is a challenge to find something that works for everyone. If you don't understand a concept, let me know and I will work hard to find a new way to present it to you.

Why Independence Science?
Independence High School really does have the best students. I feel that students here are very understanding. I need to teach where I feel a connection with the students. I go to your games and plays because I want to route you on. I argue with teachers from other high school's because my students are always the best. GO SIXERS!!
Oh yeah.... about science. I have always been interested in science. I had my first chemistry set when I was in the fourth grade. Science is the study of how the world works. By understanding science you can better understand how you fit into the world.

My background
I am a graduate of San Jose State. I received a BA in Biology Teaching and a teaching credential in Biology. I passed a state test in Chemistry that allows me to teach it. I am currently in my fifth year of teaching here at Independence High School.

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