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Summerwind Farm Free Range Natural Poultry

Summerwind Farm 223 Christmas Village Road Womelsdorf, PA 19567 610-858-4043 Welcome to Summerwind Farm! Horses, ponies, cattle, chickens, and ducks are just a few of the animals you will see on a visit to our historic farm in beautiful Berks County Pennsylvania. Free Range All-Natural Poultry for Sale We have free range chickens and ducks for sale. Barred Rocks, Speckled Sussex, Delaware, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, and Americaunas are some of the heavy breed chickens we raise. Our duck breeds include White Pekins and Muscovies. Whether you are looking for layers, meat birds to butcher, or pets, we have something for you! Please call or email to see what we have available. Free Range All-Natural Eggs for Sale Our hens are truly free range. We have no fences! The hens are free to come and go as they please. Happy hens make better eggs! Did you know that commercial egg laying hens are kept in cages smaller than a sheet of writing paper? Their beaks are cut off and they must be fed antibiotics. Not our hens! They receive only the highest quality certified natural layer ration, supplemental certified natural whole grains, and oyster shell (for strong shells.) We never, ever use antibiotics, feed additives, or medicated feed–this goes for all our birds! Feeding animals medicated feeds is just and excuse to practice poor animal husbandry! If animals are properly cared for and raised naturally, they do not need medicated feed. We collect eggs many times daily and sanitize them. You can get your eggs the day that they are laid. Did you know that store bought eggs can be over a month old by the time they reach the consumer? Give our eggs a try–you will not believe the difference in quality and taste! Free range natural eggs have firm, deep orange yolks, firms whites, and very strong shells. Please email for prices and to arrange pick-up. Coming soon–Green Eggs! Check Back Often! We are just getting started here at the farm. We plan on expanding our chicken breed selection to include fancies and exotics. Buff Orpington ducks and Khaki Campbells are a few duck breeds we would like to try as well as guineas, White Chinese geese, and maybe rare breed turkeys!

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