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Today  4th September 2006 we heard the sad news that Steve Irwin had died

I feel so sorry for  Terri, Bindi and Bob and all his family

RIP Steve Irwin

I created my original site in 2001. I often got emails from children and some adults who even thought I was the Crocodile Hunter. I wrote back to them from all over the world saying I wasn't. Since 2001 we have visited the Zoo on numerous occasions. This site is dedicated to Steve Irwin

The Crocodile Hunter his family and animals at  Australia Zoo  April 2001

 Steve Irwin Terri Irwin and   Little Bindi Irwin

This site is from Australia .

We visited Australia Zoo as we heard Steve would be there this day. There were hundreds of people. We couldn't get very close of course but these are the photos we took. We had a great day and of course will make sure we go more regularly in future.


9th September 2006

We visited the Zoo and it was very sad. As we walked around  it seemed so different knowing Steve Irwin was gone. His image is all around the place

Today was the private family funeral service held for Steve at the Zoo


There were not a lot of people inside but  hundreds of people were  outside showing their respects. I hope people will continue to support Australia  Zoo and visit the animals


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My Backpack with Australia Zoo patch


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