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Ste. Madeleine Corner Gambler Society
The purpose of the SMCGS is to act as the advocate for the preservation of history, land and artifacts for all decendents from Ste. Madeleine Metis Community who lived in the area of western Manitoba locally known as “The Corner”.

Metis and Native culture preservation and way of life is a priority to pass to future generations so they know where they came from and thus they know where they want to go.

First goal of the society is to establish an annual event at The Corner where camping space will be made available with a traditional venue and games.

This annual summer rendevous will be used to gather stories, trace descendents and socialize.

Secondary goal of the society will be the restoration and rebuilding of St. Hubert Church.

Committees will be formed within the SMCGS to reclaim Corner land which was Metis land with the long term goal to reclaim the land known as Ste. Madeleine’s and rebuild Ste. Madeleine’s as a Canadian Heritage Site.