Letters From Our Happy
Shihtzu Families

I thought I'd give you an update on Ellie. She's doing great. We went to Petco on our way home and bought her puppy food. Donna also bought her a covered bed. Donna slept on the floor with her like she did with Morris. She put Ellie in the covered bed. When Donna woke up, Ellie was sleeping in the crook of her neck. She never made a peep all night long. She is doing great. When we got to my house last night, Ellie let us know she needed to go potty. She went poop and pee. She is very responsive to praise. We told her what a good girl she was and she was very happy--tail wagging, excited, etc. She's eating fine, too. . Donna took her to the vet on Tuesday. She weighed 2.1 pounds. You should see her playing with Gus and Glory. She gets all wound up and makes these wild growling noises that sounds like a mountain lion. Donna took her to the hospital the other day for pet therapy. She did very well and everyone loved her. Two patients told Donna that Ellie was purring as they were holding her. Maybe she is part mountain lion. :) Thank you again. She has definitely brightened up Donna's life--an ours too.
Take care -diane

Hi Sharon
Just thought I would share a Rudi shenanigans with you-she goes out to the barn with me every morning to feed the horses, just like my other little girl used to. Well, the other day, we fed the horses in the morning before I had to go to work, like usual. We headed back in the house, and Rudi had "something" in her mouth, but it didn't look very big, I was in a hurry, didn't bother to check it out, and let her in the house with it. She followed me upstairs as usual while I got ready for work. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, she trots in and lo and behold, spits out a HUGE horse poop right in the middle of my bathroom floor. She weighs about 4 pounds, and I swear the horse poop looked like it weighed a pound- I have no idea how she fit it in her mouth. Really grossed my husband out, but it made me laugh....Hope the puppies are doing well-how many did she have?
I am going to try to take some more pictures today-I don't know how you get such great pictures. I can't get Rudi to sit still for the life of me, she is always busy busy busy. She is really hard to photograph-sort of like taking a picture of a flea-she NEVER sits still!! lol Rudi is doing fantastic though. She is a really really good puppy. Potty training is going pretty good-just a few poopy accidents but mostly because I wasn't watching her close enough. Last night was her first night to make it through the whole night without going out-she did great.
Thanks so much,
Dr.Phil and Sarah Fassler

Coco(Thumbellina) has grown so much! She has the best personality and is as cute as can be. Everywhere we go people fall in love her. At 11 months she is weights 8 lbs and is very healthy. Thanks for the best puppy ever! We love her very much and feel we have the perfect puppy.
Thanks Again,
Susy L and Family

Lola is a beautiful Shih-Tzu girl she goes to everyone and everyone loves her. She's a very funny little girl with all her antics, sometimes she thinks she's bigger than she really is. She loves to play and has just the best disposition. She is very sweet and calm, which comes in handy during grooming time. She learns really fast and does her best to please. Working with you was wonderful as well and everything went much more smoothly than I had even anticipated. I can tell you care a lot about placing your dogs and took a lot of time making sure the puppy had everything she needed before she went home. Having the extra information packets and all the records in order was great and made the vet visit smooth as well.
Thanks again,

I just would like to let anyone that is considering a puppy from Sharon to know that she is great! She is very nice, will work with you and answer any and all questions. She is the type of person who will call you , which is one major thing for me when I am looking to purchase a puppy is communication. I rate her 5 stars *****! I would not have any problem buying buying from her at all. Also her puppies are beautiful, even though I am looking into getting a female. She was more than willing to speak to me in reguards to a lot of different things. I have spoke with many different breeders about their puppies and I would have to say that she was the best! Communication, email, phone calls, She never had a problem letting me know anything and that is what you want when you are going to purchase a puppy, the communication has to be there. I just wanted to let people know I really like her as a breeder and I think you will too! ****Love My Girl ***** I have known Sharon for sometime now and she is a very caring and honest person. I have one of her Beautiful Puppies "Emma" you can see her at Emma is more than I could of asked for she is just Beautiful and she has the most loving laid back temperments "I adore her". Not only did I finally get to meet Sharon in person but I also got to meet some of her other doggies. They were more Beautiful in person and wish I could of taken them all home. You could tell how very well taken care of they where and also how much she loved them. Sharon is great to send updated pictures and also answer any questions you might have. If you are looking for either a pet or breeder from a very honest responsible breeder then you are at the right place and you won't be disappointed! Thank You Sharon for my adorable Emma!
Lisa (Michigan)

I LOVE my puppy. He is the cutest thing ever. He is also so well bahaved for a little guy. He is very healthy and very well groomed and cared for. It is the start of a wonderful future!! Sharon was wonderful to work with in purchasing my puppy. The package that she provived for my puppy to come home with was above and beyond what would ever be expected. I would recommend her to anyone.
Thank You
Jennifer S.
I received a perfect little puppy from Sharon. Everyone who sees him agrees that he's the cutest puppy ever! But more important, the vet say's he has perfect health. He's happy and playful. I received immediate response from Sharon when I inquire about her puppies. I strongly recommend her!
Thank you

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S I purchased "Valentine" from Sharon and let me tell you . . . Sharon was FABULOUS! We kept in contact almost every day and she kept me posted with everything. Sharon sent me current pictures every week, and I didn't have to ask. If you plan on purchasing a Shih Tzu, she is the person to go to. The pictures that Sharon sent me of Valentine did not do her justice. When I received Valentine, she was more adorable than I could have ever imagined. Valentine was healthy, happy, and just the sweetest little thing. You could definityly tell that this puppy recieved a lot a love before joining our family. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sharon! For Everything!
The Dizon Family, California

"I recently acquired Fiona (previously named Laci) from Sharon. The whole process was painless. This is a first-time puppy purchase for our family, and Sharon was wonderful! She answered any questions that I had, and also kept me informed with weekly emails and pictures until Fiona was delivered. Fiona is a healthy, beautiful and very personable pup - and our family is delighted to have her."

Hi Sharon, Bristol(aka: Riley)is doing really well. He is super sweet. He's going to the groomer on Thursday so I'll send you some updated pictures. He is beautiful. Everyone who has seen him is amazed by his eyes, the coloring is really unique. I'll be happy to give you a reference letter as we are extremely pleased with our little treasure. I'll follow up with the letter and pictures. Thanks for checking in on him.

Hi Sharon, Bamm Bamm is such a loving dog. When I first saw him at the airport I fell in love immediately. He has brought so much joy to our family. Sharon is such a sweet person and she made me feel very comfortable when I talked to her because usually I never buy off the internet and everything was assured. I have been looking for a puppy like Bamm Bamm for a month and everyone I ran into were just trying to scam but Sharon was the exact opposite. So thank you Sharon and your family for my beautiful baby, communication and care throughout the whole process.
Thank You
Leticia M.(Arizona)
Hi Sharon, How are you? I just wanted to share a picture of Miss America so you can see how she is growing up. She is so smart. She is such a good little dog. I love her so much.
Take care,

Our new bundle of joy! Sharon is a terrific breeder! We adopted Abby from her and are quite overwhelmed with how well behaved and loving she is and we've only had her a few days! She is adapting well to our other dog who is a lab. She is very healty and even more adorable than the pictures portrayed! Sharon was very good about updating me in her development process the first 8 weeks, and sent pictures often. She even sent home a terrific "puppy pack" to get us started. If you are looking for a competent, friendly, honest breeder, Sharon is the one for you! I thought I'd drop you a quick line to give you an update on Abby. She has adjusted very well to our family, and now runs the place! We took her to the vet for her round of shots and she weighed in at 2lb 2oz last week and was deemed quite healthy by the vet. We are so glad to have her! She is doing well also in the "potty training". We give her training treats when she goes out to do her business. We have very few accidents any more. She has learned to sit up and beg when she knows she deserves the treat. It's very comical! Just thought I'd update you. I'll send pictures soon.
thank you

Hi Sharon, Here is the little boy!! We have started calling him 'Little Bit". He is so wonderful!! He's about 7.5lbs...during the summer we gave him a "summer cut" and I didn't realize how little he was without all his fur!
P.S. We love him so much!!!
The Robinson's (California)

Sharon, I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know how much I love my puppy, Margo. My daughter and husband couldn't have picked out any one I could love more. She is perfact! She is so smart. She goes to work with me at my beauty shop and has made many many older ladies very happy. I will send a photo of her soon. She is getting very big. She has adjusted very well to our home, and enviorment so well. She didn;t ever cry at night. She sleeps with us!
Thanks again,
Martha Swanson
(Margo's Mom)

WHAT A PUPPY!!!!! Sharon and Ken are awesome! I brought my puppy home yesterday and he has exceeded my expectations in every way! Never in my life have I seen a puppy with such a remarkable, tolerant, and gentle temperment. He is a very small, young pup yet he adjusted like he has been living with us for a week. He snuggles, kisses, and plays and was not the least bit startled by the vacuum cleaner, cats, other dogs, or children at play. I was shocked at the care taken to put together a comprehensive puppy pack brimming with EVERYTHING I needed to just bring my precious bundle home and enjoy him! They even went the extra mile to provide a photo album with pictures of him from birth that I can add to as he grows. I cannot say enough positive about this experience and this breeder. Thank you Sharon and Ken for raising such a treasure so well and blessing our family with him. Be well and we wish you continued success with your truely, remarkable puppies!! Most
Anne and family

Thanks so much for allowing us to use Peanut your male Shih Tzu to mate with our Roxanne.It is nice to be able to find a male with such good quality to him.The two of them sure put out great pups together.We would love it if we could continue to be able to get stud services from you with Peanut.It's also nice to know that Peanut is not a kenneled dog, that he is a part of your family, and also he lives in a nice clean envirement. Here are some pictures of Daisy, the puppy we kept out Roxanne and Peanut's litter. She is such a little doll.
Thanks Again,

Hi Sharon
Jade(Breezy)is just awesome! Doing great, climbed out of her bed and Larry put her in bed and she went to the headboard and put her butt on headboard, head on Larry's pillow right at his head. Slept there till bout 3:30 then started licking his face. Put her on pee-pad and went back to bed with Larry. She is going to our vet tomorrow morning to get checked. She is so loving. When I came home from work tonight, she ran to meet me with her sisters and I got all kinds of kisses and she just couldn't wait to get picked up. We already love her! Thank you again
Larry and Nora

Hi Sharon
Wanted to let you know how things are going. Everything went well at the vet. He is very healthy! He is also very cute - everyone always wants to hold him. I want to thank you for socializing him. He is not scared or nervous at all. He is so relaxed that he will play for a bit, then plop down and rest right in the middle of the floor. He's not afraid of our other dogs or people. Thank you for teaching him his name - he comes running everytime I call him. He's also doing pretty well with the potty training. Most of all, I appreciate all the time you invested in my new puppy to help make him the sweetheart he is. He is very happy, healthy, and has a great personality. I think anyone looking for a great Shih tzu pup should give you a call!
P.S. Thanks for the nice puppy package!

Hi Sharon
Can you believe that Little Peanut and Wrigley are two years old now. How time flies ~ ~ ~ ~.
Sharon's male stud "Little Peanut" and my "Wrigley" are brothers. One afternoon when going thru Dixon, Wrigley and I went to visit Sharon so they could see each other again. I am not sure they realized that they are brothers but they did play together. I enjoyed seeing her dogs and puppies and I took a bunch of pictures. How tempting it was to buy another puppy. They were all so cute. Her dogs share the living room with the family and get so much love and attention. There is a special room just for the nursery and new mother. She has quite the set up for them and it so clean and nice. If I were to buy another shih tzu puppy it would be from Sharon. I was extremely impressed with the love and care given to her dogs and how clean everything was kept. I highly recommend Sharon if you are thinking about getting a shih tzu puppy. As for the shih tzu breed - they are an excellent breed. Everyone who sees our Wrigley comments on his personality and how well trained he is and so cute. He likes attention and repays us with so much love. We take him everywhere with us. When we are getting ready to go some place, he senses that. Especially when we get his blue dog carrier out, he crawls in it and waits as he knows he is going on a trip. He likes to go for walks, and bike rides and sits in my front basket. Wrigley loves playing with our grandkids. He will get a toy and drop it in front of them and that means - play fetch!!! I am sure Wrigley is spoiled but when you get so much love and affection from a dog, you just can't help but spoil them! Anxious to see Peanut and puppies again.
Take care............
Diane and "Wrigley"

Hi Sharon:
Phoebe is fantastic. Incredibly smart. Just over two weeks that we've had her, eleven weeks old and she is nearly housebroken. Already signals to us when she wants to go out. Never made in her cage and we have left her there for nearly 8 hours overnight. Sits, fetches, brings ball, lays down. Very easy to train. Very affectionate. Phoebe is a great addition to our family. Our new baby. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Pictures aren't the best but we'll send more.
Warren B and Family

Dear Sharon,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful Shih Tzu puppies I purchased from you January 5,2008. I loved the selection of puppies you had. It was so hard choosing a puppy I had to buy two puppies instead of one. All your puppies were so happy & healthy we felt very comfortable buying from you. And the goodie bags you gave us with the puppies with all the necessary supplies was really helpful & nice. Everyone that sees our puppies fall in love with them. I feel very comfortable sending referrals to you.
Pam E

Hi Sharon,
I thought Id drop you some pictures and let you know how Kerbey is doing (liver boy)! Hes great and is getting bigger every day! Hes been to the vet for his 2nd round of shots and the staff there all fell in love with him! I have never been stopped so many times on the street by people telling me hes the cutest dog theyve ever seen! Hes also in great health and were still working on the potty training. I absolutely adore him and like to think he really loves his new home as well! Ive also referred you to some other people that have been asking where I got him just so you know!
August 5, 2009
Exquisite Perfection
There is absolutely no way to say enough about how wonderful Sharon is and the quality of the puppy we just purchased from her. I can't believe how smoothly everything went. From the time I contacted her about our little liver girl, it was non-stop communication both email and by phone. Sharon arranged to have her shipped to Maine to me. Our little girl is everything I had hoped for and more. She is the perfect color and an absolutely sweet personality. No potty training needed, she goes outside and from the first night she has slept in bed with me. She is well socialized and gets along very well with our other Shih Tzu's. She spends the days with my husband, but when I get home from work, she is at the door to greet me. Sharon sent special blankets and toys for her. Anyone who knows Sharon clearly understands that she loves each and everyone of her dogs and puppies. I am so glad I found Sharon.
September 22, 2009

Liver Girl
We are very happy with our liver red little girl. Sharon has kept in contact to make sure she is adjusting well. I have a very happy loving little puppy. I recommend this breeder. She takes pride in the quality of pups she has.
March 19, 2010

My Girl Layla
I have got my precious girl Layla from Sharon on April 10, 2010 I have got to know Sharon when I was looking for a puppy back in 2007. Sharon is a caring person,very honest and trustworthy. I would high recommend her to anyone looking to adopt a shih tzu puppy or adult to their family. I have adopted 2 shih tzu's from Sharon, my girl Emma and also my new little girl Layla. Sharon was kind enough to meet Wray and I part way so that I was able to get Layla. She also brought along with her some of her other doggies and a girl Kookie she adopted from me. It was wonderful to be able to see her again~I could not be more happy with Layla she is a gorgeous deep red liver with the most amazing temperament, she is very loving and adjusted very quickly to our family and home. She is also a very intelligent little girl. She loves to have her belly rubbed and loves loves to play catch. Layla also walks on a leash better than any puppy I have adopted her age. You can see Emma & Layla at Thank You So Much Sharon For Raising Such A Sweet & Loveable Girl~
The Chappel's
Wray, Lisa
Jasmine, Nickolas
Jena, Colin, Travis
~Fur Kids~

Hi Sharon,
Just wanted to share a few photos of what Zsa Zsa looks like now... she was April when you had her as a puppy. What a princess she is!! Your new littel chocolate and white puppy sure is adorable! Hope all has been well. We couldn't be happier with our Zsaj...
Stacey in Chicago

Hi Sharon,
Emma is the best puppy. Healthy, well socialized, a dream come true. She has Thee best personality. She adjusted to the other Shih Tzu's RIGHT away. I would buy another pup from her!
Thank you,
Valerie B.
Avon Lake, OH
June 29, 2010

Dear Sharon,
Thanks a million for everything you did for us last night!!!!! First of all for meeting us and driving an hour out of your way so quickly like you did. Oh my goodness you are a very SPECIAL person I hope you know that. The wonderful puppy gift bag you put together for us was amazing. I love the little blanket you made and the toys, brush ,bowl and book. Please know that your kindness was very much appreciated!!!!! You have made this whole experience of buying my new little puppy a great one. You were the nicest breeder Ive ever dealt with. On the ride home Ginger was nervous but I was able to calm her down the best I could. When we arrived home My other dog Josie warmed up right away with ginger. I got everything situated and was able to hold her. Our house is pretty big but I did not hear any crying last night. She slept next to josie in her bed. I noticed She doesnt eat much at her feedings but I guess that might be normal. What dog food do you think I should get for?
Thank you for sending me all those wonderful pictures .
Thanks Again for everything!!!!!!
Have a Great Day !!!
Sherry Simmons
Jan.31, 2011

Hi Sharon
Update on Bella(Nestle). She made it through her Vet check up with flying colors and is scheduled to be spayed sometime in March. She is adjusting quite well to her new surroundings. She did get a little scared when our grand daughter was over and the house was quite loud and noisy. She seems to adore her new brother Sam who has a calming affect on her. We are finding out that she is quite a snuggle bug and gives lots of kisses to whomever is holding her. She also steals Sam's treats away from him and he is quite gracious about it. We did go out for breakfast this morning and put her in the laundry room with a baby gate up just to get her used to that, we will go do some shopping tomorrow and do that again so that when Linda & I go back to work she will be alittle used to being in that room. Sam will be roaming around just outside to keep her company.
Ok next time I'll send pics.
February 5, 2011

Mia(Pumpkin)is a great addition to our family & we love her sooooo much. She is such a good girl. She is very playful & great with the kids. She loves to cuddle & wants to be right by us all the time. She is such a sweet girl & we are so happy to have her. Sharon & her family have been wonderful to work with. They were great at answering all of our questions & have even checked in several times to see how Mia is doing. We loved the puppy gift bag that they sent with us especially the blanket with her mommy's scent, that was so nice to have on the drive home. You can tell they really care for their puppies.
Thank you for everything!
The Bennett's, Illinois
March 4th, 2011

Hi Sharon,
We've had Reba and Max for 2 weeks now. What a riot! The fun and joy they have brought to us is unreal. Thanks again for meeting us half way. That cut about 4 hours off of our trip. They traveled well. They have adapted well to everything. Running the vaccume doesn't even phase them. Our vet visit went went. My vet even commented on how well they must have been handled by the breeders. Thank you. We loved the goody bag you sent with each of them. The blankets are so soft and they loved being wrapped up in them. The toys you sent are all over the house. We can't wait to start taking them for walks. You even sent leashes. Thanks for responding to all of our phone calls and emails. Waiting for the puppies to turn 8 weeks seemed like an eternity. All the pictures you sent, helped us with the wait. They are very happy puppies and we are very happy owners. We would for sure recommend you to anyone wanting to get a Shih tzu.
Thanks Again,
Greg and Kendra
Shiloh, Illinois
March 30, 2012

Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to let you know that Lucy is doing great. She has gained a pound since I got her. She is now 4.5 pounds. She sure is a spunky little girl. She still loves her singing rabbit and we all do a dance to it whenever it is played. My husband and I love her so very much. Thank you so much for all the tender loving care she obviously had prior to us taking her into our home. I assure you that she is in a good home and is a very happy little girl. She is absolutely beautiful.
Thank You
Bolingbrook, IL
May 9th, 2012

Hi Sharon,
I wanted to let you know that Charlie is adjusting great! We have been having so much fun with him. He is so sweet and playful. We just love him.
Thank you so much.
PS. Does he get hiccups? It sounds something like them. Just curious. Am taking him to the vet this week.
April 15, 2012
Sharon, I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Charlie!! He's the most loving, cuddly, well behave puppy! We just adore him:) here are some pics.
Thanks Sharon
Oaklawn, IL
July 7, 2012

Hi Sharon,
We will send you some pictures of Dakota in the near future. Here's our endorsement! We were lucky enough to bring home "Dakota", an 8 week old Shih Tzu from Sharon Gray on 10-31-12. Dakota is the best little girl anyone could as for! She is full of energy. She loves to run in the back yard and is very aware of her surroundings. She plays all day long with her toys, and loves people. She sleeps all night long, hugging me throughout the night! Pottie training has been a breeze. It is a real testament to how well she was treated by Sharon as a new born. Dakota is extremely healthy and a complete joy to have. She sits every morning waiting to get her teeth brushed! We would highly recommend getting a puppy from Sharon, and will only utilize this fantastic breeder in the future.
Thanks Sharon
Loves Park, IL
December 12, 2012

Hello Sharon,
I want to take a minute to give you a quick update on our precious Maggie that we adopted from one of your nurseries last year. She was born April 20 of 2011. We absolutely adore her. She has been a great addition to our family. I have never met such a good natured dog. She has the greatest disposition and makes all of us smile and laugh every day. She loves sitting on my lap & sleeping under the covers by us every night. She also likes barking at her cat sister Katy! Thank you so much for her....we love her to the moon & back! I have attached some pictures.
Happy Holidays!
Wendy, Pat & Family
December 21,2012

Hi Sharon,
Pups are doing great! We could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for the love we are now getting from these beautiful dogs. Please feel free to come by and visit or just keep in touch thank you again Paul and marie Sparky and lucky "bently" because that's the way we feel!
Paul and Marie
January 26,2013

This is Caroline. We bough Cassie (we kept the name :)) from you about a year and a half ago in October. I wanted to tell you that she is doing great! her birthday was July 20th and we had a big celebration! I thought I would share a few pictures of her as she is growing. :) she LOVES to look out the window and gets so excited when we get home from somewhere! :) she just got a haircut yesterday!
August 8, 2013

Louie is just the sweetest thing he literally follows me everywhere and my Bella and him play constantly! He's been a joy! Tried having him sleep in his cage at night first night he didn't make a sound and last night he just cried and cried so he ended up sleeping with us and slept all night! Im taking him to the vet Monday morning and will let you know how it goes he was so shy and reserved and yesterday he broke out of his little shell and is one hyper little guy didn't know a little dog could run so fast "lol" we just laugh at him he's so stinking cute thanks again!
Holli S.
Sept 29, 2013

Hi Sharon. Just a note a let you know that Blondie is doing just fine. She loves to go out doors. She is a doll and a little spunky today. I am attaching a photo of her sitting on sofa.
Thanks again,
February 12, 2014