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Click Here to watch the movie, free!C(ps, it takes about a while to download, be patient)

T(The movie is aprox. 8 minutes long, and is 28.5 MB. It requires Quicktime 7 to play)

If you do not have Quicktime 7, click here to get it, for free.

As an added bonus I have put here the very first Star Wars movie that I have ever made, click here to play

Yes, we did film this at our school, so, yes we are high schoolers. We filmed this at lunch, with a DV camcorder, did the special effects in flash, and edited the movie in imovie. Pretty good for teenagers huh?

DDisclaimer: This film is a not for profit production, no one was paid during the production of this film, all who worked on it were volunteers, No money was made off this movie. If you have paid for this film, contact us immediately, at ''




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