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Saturday, 15 July 2006
2000 Years of Bible Wars - Birth of Christ & Immaculate Conception
Welcome to enlightenment ! If you have an open mind, please read on. The purpose of this website is to present some facts you will not find in any books, that I stumbled across a few years ago.

***Download or print these webpages as I do not know how long they will survive the internet censors. You are free to replicate this information on any number of non-profit websites and non-proft printings as you desire.***

As a former Christian-myth believer, this all came as a great surprise to me. It looks like without some reality checks like this webpage, we will have a future implied by the movie, "Chronicles of Riddick". Parts of "the Matrix" are already a reality today, the movie being a mataphor to how we as a society are having our perceptions of the real world controlled as we voluntarily administer easy distractions and coping mechanisms to avoid reality.

I am not affiliated with any group, political organization or church - nor do I belong to Freemasons.

In the middle east all involved commit attrocities in a 2000 year old war or revenge, territory and ideological conflict. Contrary to religious "principles", there have been religion driven wars and inquisitions with tragic consequences - just as today innocent, good people are needlessly hurt or killed because they have different relgious beliefs. Is this what God truly wants ? Be careful when a religion marketing plan asks you to support questionable actions. Western civilization relies on the presumption that whatever Israel does is OK as they are God's chosen people and sole purveyors of the Holy Bible, supported by the life of Jesus. The teachings of love and compassion by Jesus are tossed aisde by Christians who blindly condone any warfare by Israeli or Western Nations.

In fact the Chrisian religion borrowed from ancient Greek, Egyptian and Pagan religions ( see books by Knight & Lomas "The Hiram Key, Second Messiah, Uriels Machine", etc. which Dan Brown borrowed some ideas from for his book "The Da Vinci Code" ).
Ever since, the Israeli nation has been killing, and being allowed to kill, in the BELIEF, NOT FACT, that they are special & God's only chosen people. In fact, we are ALL God's people.

We should also show more care for all living things. To make it easier for Christians, they ignore this by saying that other life does not have souls, without considering dolphins, whales, dog, cats, chimps, or apes ( which have 97 percent the same DNA as humans ), or any other animals which obviously display intelligence, emotions and feelings as we occasionally do.

Many Christian Fundamentalist/Extremeists truly believe that Jesus was literally a son of God, when in fact, he was just a man as was his brother James, the Baptist. To make Jesus a Holy Son of God, one Christian myth is the Immaculate Conception.

Let us now use some science, the internet and some computer software to find some facts to reveal the actual truth.

This all began as I wondered when was Jesus actually born ? The Christmas songs about a shining star, guiding light tweaked my curiosity.


The article above sounded good, but too many variable dates. The astronomical data appeared to the most reliable to pursue first as we can accurately predict that today. Josephus reference to the lunar eclipse and King Herod death would definitely help the narrow the search. Furthermore, the ancient people were pagans, who worshipped the Gods whom in their beliefs, lived in the heavens, so it was common for them to pay very careful attention and reverence to astronomical events. For the same reason, I would think the Christian followers would also pay good records of these events.
Christmas theme songs repeatedly refer to a shining star, a guiding light. According to a recent documentary the journey of the 3 kings took quite a long time to Bethlehem. Could Greek, Chinese and other astronomer-priests been able to predict this celestial event in advance, thus inspiring the 3 kings to follow a Guiding Star to witness the prophecy unfold ?

According to http:/~/
REGULUS (Alpha Leonis). Regulus, glowing at the heart of Leo the Lion, one of the great constellations of the zodiac... The Latin name (for Regulus) means little king, the reference to a kingly star going back to ancient times. Regulus marks the bottom of an asterism called the "sickle of Leo," a sickle-shaped figure that outlines the head of the celestial lion. The star is almost exactly on the ecliptic, the path of the Sun, and is regularly occulted, or covered over, by the Moon. Down and to the left of Regulus, find the brighter star Spica. The autumnal equinox, where the Sun crosses the ecliptic in September, lies right between the two ( Regulus & Spica ).

Ancient people used the heavens to figure out when to harvest/plant crops, breed animals, etc. thus, when the Regulus, Spica and the equinox were important to their "pagan" earth & nature worshipping cultures.

The Book of Hiram (2004-Lomas&Knight ) describes the Venus worship beliefs of pagan people that existed for thousands of years before and during the time around Christ’s Birth in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Venus worship and resurrection beliefs began as everyone noticed the crops were reborn in the Spring after the appearance of Venus as a morning star around the Spring Equinox - March 21/22. To become a Holy King, leaders had to be born at this time.
Next to the Sun & Moon, Venus & Jupiter are the brightest objects in the sky

Venus is magnitude -4.4 (brighter ) Jupiter -2.5, and in consellation Leo, the star Regulus 1.35 (less bright)
star magnitudes explanations: more negative magnitude is brighter

2) Now get some astronomy software
here is a free Astronomy software I used >

Install the astronomy software,use the software to load in these values to see the heavens 2006 years ago in Jerusalem.

elevation 825m
latitude +31-47-00 N
longitude +35-13-00 E

Settings/Time> day14-month 02(feb) of yr -1 ( 1 BC )
Settings/View/Fix Object(bottom right) - Star - Regulus - this keeps Leo's star Regulus in the centre of screen.

AnimationSpeed- 2 minutes

Shows Jupiter-Regulus pair very near each other & very visible during evening 20:20 PM to 0925 AM next day ( 13 hours )
Jupiter-Regulus pair rises to 68 degree elevation moving from East-West
Wow !! This brilliant star combo light up the sky for over 3 months until about Ma 22, 1BC shining high in the East for distant travelers.

Therefore very likely THE Guiding Star !

While looking how long the Guiding Star lasted, I found an amazing event !!

astro software> Settings-Time Day 5-month 6 (June) of yr -1 , at 23:00 PM

Some amazing planetary alignment !! Mars. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn Hmmmnnn...this reminds me of that second "Lara Croft- Tomb Raider" movie !!
writer-director clues for the masses ?!
note-this alignment repeated Oct2005-Feb2006 !

But that is not all - here is something more that I discovered - let us go forward to the 17th of June 1BC.

astro software> Settings-Time Day 17-month 6 (June) of yr -1 , at 23:00 PM

Venus very near Regulus, as is Jupiter - a powerful Omen to ancient people who lieterally worshipped the heavens, home of the Gods.

Jun 17, 18, 19 Venus & Jupiter eclipse each other very near Regulus so they would appear as a single incredibly brilliant star until 130AM !!
low near horizon, but still at 30 degrees elevation at sunset - reasonable height & visible in Jerusalem !! Jupiter and Regulus would certainly have been certainly dominant, however, the merging of Venus & Jupiter would have been stunning - especially with Regulus so near.

Remember, this is before Christianity so most people believed in multiple celestial gods who lived in the heavens above. The mythical lore - king planet Jupiter near the king star Regulus in the king constellation Leo. The eclipse of the Venus - the Godess of Love & Fertility with the King Planet Jupiter would have been seen by the many pagan worshippers as a celestial union of the Gods, producing a Son of God(s) from an Immaculate Conception. Notice the alignment of Mercury & Mars nearby too. There was no other alignment of Jupiter-Venus-Regulus on either side of zero BC - this was the one time conjunction for many centuries !!

Note - this alignment reoccured Oct2006-Feb2007.

I believe that this event was the Immaculate Conception - when Venus & Jupiter eclipsed each other on Jun 17/18th on 1 BC.
After 2006 years, we just have forgotten the original reasons. What does the Bible say ?

According to the Bible ( Josephus-Antiquities ) the birth of Christ occurs AFTER the death of King Herod which was AFTER a lunar eclipse.

3) lunar eclipse data >

There was a lunar eclipse Jan 9/10, zero BC visible in Jerusalem (according to the astronomy data, as well as the software that shows a Full Moon usually found with a lunar eclipse ). Sky View picture is below. So what date was Christ born ??

If we use June 17, 1 BC for conception, then add 38 weeks ( 266 days ) for human gestation, we have the Birth of Christ around March 10, year Zero.

To check use year 2000 dates >

Also note, one of the earliest symbols of Christianity was the Fish = Pisces. On that night, of March 10, OBC, the moon is full, and Jupiter is in VIRGO as Saturn sets. We subtract about 30 days to account for precession of the earth, but we also inject the ancient thirteenth zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, which pushes Pisces back to about Feb19-March 20th, circa zero BC. The Piscean attribute thus also confirms either the actual birth date according to a celestial conjunction Venus-Jupiter, or, the annunciation of Christ "Anno Dommini" so as to confer Kingly godlike qualities upon baby Jesus for political leadership rights.

The shift of Christs birth date record to Dec 25, was Jewish Hanukah & established pagan rituals. If you also look at data for Dec.26th,1BC there was a total eclipse of the Sun - another powerful omen for the astronomer priests and their dominant pagan cult of Sol Ivectus - Sun Worshippers, which led to our worship of SUNday ( DaVinci Code).
Other than that, there was nothing going on in the Jerusalem night skies 1BC or year zero, use the software to see for yourself.

Also note there was a lunar eclipse somewhere on earth July 17, 1BC a month after the Jupiter-Venus Immaculate Conception. It could be that the Gods Venus & Jupiter were perceived by the pagans as having an "Instant Child" - they were Gods after all.
The 3 Kings could have found Baby Jesus at the Inn they converged upon and taken the Immaculate Conception as THE sign from the heavens this was indeed the blessed time & place of birth.
Keeping in mind the ancient traditions of announcing the birth of kings for the springtime ("Anno Domini"), this was also why King Herod was trying to kill Jesus baby, before he could be prononunced King of the Jews.

Maybe the 3 kings did wait 266 days to witness Christ's birth in March, after appointing Mary & Joeseph as the conceiving couple. This a matter of conjecture - point being that THE CELESTIAL EVENTS TRULY OCCURED and MESH CLOSELY with documented knowledge of religions of the times and the reasonably close records of the times. Thereore I suggest discarding Microsoft Encarta and some scholars versions that 4BC-8BC was the actual birth date. This astro info corroborates the Christian records of the year of Christ's Birth.

You may need to understand my quest for understanding - it is very important to seek the facts so that evolution of our spirit aligns with God's true purpose for each of us & all other living creations of God.

My view is that God intended everyone on Earth to be compassionate and to learn to get along. A "return to paradise" will only start to happen when people begin to understand, respect & help each other - Jews & Palestinians, Muslims & Christians, Islamic, Hindus & Buhddists, etc. As much as we want to believe otherwise, there always has been & will likely always be other religions. That is why it is vital to understand the the context of Christianity with respect to knowledge from scientific research of archaeology. We must also learn to understand other religions, share ideals so that we can work for peaceful coexistence and to improve fundamental human rights for all.

Maybe if we spend less time & money fighting we will spend more time alleviating suffering and being good to people, as well as Gods other living creations, to create a heaven on earth- here & now, for all.

Daniel O., Computer Engineer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I was named for Biblical Daniel, "the enlightener". Why else would God bring all these facts to me if not to reveal the truth to you ?

Scientific origins of the Christian Bible that will totally amaze & surprise you:

The Hiram Key - surprising origins of Christianity & the Bible

The Second Messiah-Templars & Shroud of Turin ISBN: 193-1412-766 True facts about King Solomon’s Temple, the Crusades & the Shroud of Turin

The Book of Hiram - you will be totally amazed ... ISBN 009-9429-233

all books by Knight & Lomas

Dan Browns error filled book The DaVinci Code, he does make some good points to raise our awareness of ancient Christianity. From the other 2 books, I found that DaVinci Code distorted some key facts. I personally thought DaVinci Code was very unfair to Saint Peter, considering what St Peter endured with full knowledge of what lay ahead (Jesus prophecy) for him & his family. A very brave man & family - thank you St Peter, and all other good & Holy people too. Regarding the DaVinci Code, it made sense for Mary Magdelene to flee after the crucifixion of Jesus rather than wander the desert all alone, preaching His word. How safe would that be for a woman today ?

DanBrown’s other book Angels&Demons does pose the question - what will become of Mankind should we continue on our path of worshipping mostly Science & Commerce in ever increasing numbers? A soulless society of convenience & utility - what have you done for me lately? cost-effective? The politics of offices, laws, governments, spin-doctoring vs simple “Truth”.

Moreover, Nature conservation is not a major priority, must “pay its way” and is casually exchanged for more roads, more buildings, another mall. We may believe Science will save Nature with genetics, but it cannot. The rate of Nature destruction is too rapid, the scale is vast and eco-systems complex. Conservation groups struggle to get protective laws & vital funding and the . salvation of Bio-Sciences is consumed by the commerce of weapons & wars. Despite all medical evidence, and contrary to theological claims, we allow self land to be used for growing tobacco rather than feeding the worlds poor. Ironically, the commerce of tobacco cancer escalates taxes via health care. Why not ban tobacco like marijuana ? Money vs public health & help for poor.

So what is Faith except that which other people have told us ? We have been given a mind & soul to seek the answers - to fail to do so would be an insult to God for allowing facts to be lost or distorted. We need truth & facts to get the world working towards tolerance - where all people and all positive, constructive faiths are treated equally well. We also need the Church to accept more Science, so that as younger people become educated with Science facts, they do not view the Church as another fairy tale or brainwashing factory to be rejected later in favor of Science - which offers instant gratification of video games in lieu of human relations or exploring God’s creations in Nature. Although we deserve true facts in religion, work, the media and governments for ourselves & our families, we also need the Church values to fill our souls with all of those good qualities people should forever continue to aspire to. Churches also need to imbue people with thoughts of respect & better treatment for all God’s creations of Nature.

I believe in God. More than bio-chemistry animates life, thoughts & feelings! Science has not yet explained some well documented miracle healings & visions that have helped police investigations when all other efforts failed. Perhaps all living things are Gods eyes, ears and senses into our world.

We should remember the good religions have done to improve people.

God is more than Science - God is Love, Kindness, Compassion & Mercy.

Cheers, Dan :- )

Posted by planet/star-wars at 11:31 AM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 16 July 2006 8:10 PM PDT
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