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2008     Barry Winters    Swift Current


        SRL Street Stock Championships


Come and race against some of the best street stock drivers in Saskatchewan

Saturday and Sunday October 10th and 11th, 2009

Racing starts at 3:00 PM Saturday and 1:00 PM Sunday, Monday is a rain date


Entry fee/Payout

The host club will charge NO car entry fee, and no admission fee for the driver and crew members. All people entering the pit area must purchase a $5 SRL membership and sign a SRL liability waiver.


Points system

All cars will enter the event with points based on the finish of their “home track” series, with the highest finishing cars representing that track receiving points as follows; 1st – 500, 2nd – 495, 3rd – 490, 4th – 485, 5th and below – 480. If the 3rd place car is the highest finishing car representing a track they will receive 500 points to start the event. Any car not having “ home track” points at a Saskatchewan track will start the event with 475 points. The SRL must receive a copy of the current year standings from each track represented during pre race technical inspections, or by email prior to the event. If the standings are not available any car from this track will start the event with 475 points.

Points will be awarded at the event as follows,

Qualifying races – no points will be awarded for the qualifying races.

Heat races - 10 points to win, down in 1-point increments. Every car starting the heat race will receive points based on finishing order, no matter how many laps they have completed. Each car will receive at least 1 point. Any car entering heat 3, and not qualifying for the feature race, will be awarded 50 points.

The Feature race is worth 100 points to win, down in 2-point increments to 70 points for 16th. Every car starting the feature will receive points based on finishing order, no matter how many laps they have completed.


Qualifying and Race procedures for SRL SS championship

The 4 qualifying races will be lined up as the cars entered the event, with the first four cars entered being in the pole position. The qualifying races will be 10 laps. The Qualifying races will be lined up on day 2 as the feature race finished day 1, with the top 4 cars from the feature in the pole position of each of the 4 qualifiers. Any cars that did not qualify for the feature will make up the rear of the qualifiers as they finished heat 3 on day 1.

The finish of the qualifying races will set the fields for the heat races. The cars will be divided into two heats, with the top 3 cars from each of qualifier 1 and 2 in heat 1, and the top 3 cars from each of qualifiers 3 and 4 in heat 2. These heats will be lined up as they finished the qualifiers, winners on the front row. If there are 16 cars or less, each of these heats will have of the cars entered. If there are more than 16 cars, the cars will be divided into three heats, with heat 3 being a last chance qualifier. Heat 3 will be lined up with the 4th place cars making up the front 2 rows, 5th place the 3rd and 4th row, etc. All heats will be 20 laps.

The feature will be lined up from the results of the heat races. Heat 1 will be the inside row and heat 2 will be the outside row, with the winners starting at the front.  Heat three will set the rear of the field, with the winner furthest forward, to a maximum of 16 cars in the feature race. The feature race will be 50 laps.