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Stock Car Racing 

Street Rules




Street Stock Championships

Thanksgiving weekend



Rollcage will be inspected for proper installation.

All seats must be steel or aluminium racing type, mounted securely to the frame and/or rollcage, with back support.

Seatbelts are to be racing type 5 point 3” width mounted securely to the frame, seat frame, and/ or rollcage. Sub belts may be 2” width. Seat belts must be in good condition.

Drivers side quick release window net is mandatory mounted securely to the rollcage.

All cars must have a windshield, lexan or screen (maximum 2” square x minimum 10-gauge wire, or equivalent), or a minimum of 3, ” bars spaced a maximum of 6” apart directly in front of the driver. One min 1.5” OD Earnhardt bar or two minimum ” bars must be used in the centre of the windshield opening.

Battery must be mounted securely.

All teams must have an operable 5-pound minimum fire extinguisher in their pit.

Drivers must wear an SFI rated full fire suit, SFI rated gloves, fire resistant boots, and an SFI rated neck collar or a head and neck restraint. A full face helmet, with full visor must be worn, and must be minimum Snell 1995 or newer.

Maximum 22 gallon fuel cells are mandatory, and must be mounted securely. Engine mounted, mechanical fuel pumps only.

Interiors must be enclosed from the back of the hood to the front of the trunk lid, from the top of the left door to the top of the right door. Interiors must be sealed to prevent smoke and fire from entering the cockpit.



Stock type frame and suspension, with OEM control arms and trailing arms. Shocks and springs must mount in the OEM location. Sway bars must be stock type, mounted to the frame in the stock location, but may have adjustable links at the control arms. Adjustable shackles or load bolts may be used in the rear.

Wheels must be steel and a maximum of eight-inches wide. One inch lug nuts are mandatory.

Minimum weight will be with driver in car, 3200 lbs with 2 bbl carb and 3300 lbs with 4 bbl carb. Penalty for weight infractions will be one point for every ten pounds below minimum.



Engines must be mounted in the stock location. Stock, production, cast iron, blocks, heads, intake, and exhaust manifolds must be used. No vortec heads.

OEM type valve train, no roller rockers, no stud girdles, maximum rocker stud diameter is 3/8”.

carb spacer/adapter plate is allowed, maximum 1.25” from intake to carb base.

The sealed GM 602 crate engine will be allowed.

Transmissions must be OEM type.

Clutches must be OEM type single disc units, with a minimum diameter of 10”, mounted to an OEM type flywheel.

Torque converters must be OEM type as manufactured.

Drive shafts must be OEM type steel.

Differential must be OEM solid axle type and may be locked. 9” ford differentials allowed in all makes, and may have floating hubs.




Any DOT legal and approved Radial tire, to a maximum tread width of 275, and a minimum profile of 60 series, or an American Racer, Hoosier, or Southwest speed G-60 bias ply tire, to a maximum tread width of 8”, will be allowed .


For more information contact Devon Brown @ 306-377-4810