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Stock Car Racing 

Modified Tour


Mod Rules
Mod Results



2006    Gregg Gordon    Kindersley

2005    Devon Brown    Herschel

2004    Devon Brown    Herschel

2003    Mike Clements    Fiske


2500 lbs minimum weight, stock North American car frame, stock lower control arms, stock spindles, tubular upper control arms, load adjuster bolts, steel racing shocks, fabricated rear clip and suspension allowed, aluminum bodies.


Drive Train

350 horsepower, SPEC or Crate engine.

Stock type transmissions and clutches or torque converters.

Any solid axle differential is allowed, but no quick-change or independent axle units.



DOT stamped 60, 65 or 70 series radial tire to a maximum width of 275, and a minimum treadwear of 400



A used turnkey modified can cost any where from $3000.00 to $10000.00. To build new can cost $20000.00



The Saskatchewan Racing League Inc. runs six modified tour events a season on asphalt and dirt tracks in Saskatchewan.