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25 December 2005

Yesterday was big fun! Mom, dad, Grandma, Grandpa, me, and Ethan were at cousin N.E.'s house! We celebrated, and at quarter to midnight(12:00 am), we opened presents! Everything I had was amazing! I had an Avril Lavigne song player(I don't quite know what it is called), an E-Secret Recorder, and a diary. I won't tell you where I got my diary, because, some people just don't believe in this other STORY! I also got a stationery set and earrings inside a Velvet Red Rose. I am going to Christine's house today, on her Christmas party. I am giving her a present since she gave me one, too, before the holidays.

~ * .: Eloise Nadela :. * ~

26 December 2005

I will never forget this day! It was a blast, because I just got home and remembered all the fun things we did at Christine's house. We wrote on our diaries, we watched movies, we listened to music, and more, and all the fun we had! I even wrote on my diary about this never-ever-ending memory I had!

~ * .: Eloise Nadela :. * ~


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