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Castaway is the island owned by Disney. Here the passangers have fun sailing, paddling a kayak, or swimming and snorkeling in the shimmering lagoon.

So let's discover Disney's perfect private island paradise for kids and teens, it's Never Land; for adults, it's Shangri-La. Step off the ship and enjoy the island.

You can relax under the rays or play games on the beach. There is food and activities for everyone! We enjoyed the barbecue feast at Cookie's BBQ and took advantage of all sorts of actives such as music and dancing at the Gazebo, volleyball and soccer at the Sports Beach and a host of great games at
"The Grouper Pavilion!"

Castaway Island Tour

The images show all the different activities available on the island!

3rd Day of the Cruise
Volcano Webquest
Ten Top Educational Webquest