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Friend Ship

To My Best Friend

This is for the best person in the world
That I have ever got known in so short of time.
Being near you for these few weeks my Friend
I am feeling so great with in my heart
With you I am very happy and glad you came my way

. You keep my heart beating and filled with joy.
But I had to go from time to time as you know i do.
Off to help others who are in need of my help.
Leaveing my heart when i go thinkin of uyou my Friend
And feeling for you each minute and this is a serprize.

I try so hard to deny how I feel because I have never
Felt about no one like this in a few year.
I said that I would never again let someone into my heart
Like I have before to hurt me like they did.
And here I'm sitting, thinking about you and how you are.

Everyday you are in my thoughts, in what ever i do
Every night you're in my thoughts too as i am about
To turn the lights out, I can't believe what is happening,
Is this really what I thinking after so long being alone
To be the best of friends and lovers is what i dream of.

But I am asking you sincerely, honestly, and truly
If you care as much as I do my Friend so dear.
To take a chance to know me for who I am
To let me share it all with you no matter what with,
All the ups and downs and stick to it till the end no motter what.

For who I am as a person full of love and joy
Our friendship we now I hope as each day grows
Is something that I would miss if you was not here
Maybe once we let go and look with in ourselves
We will be friends before we go to the next step

February 18, 2007
At 8:45 pm
By kinder



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