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Ticket to Legend: A Game of Baseball

Ticket to Legend is both the ultimate tabletop sports game and a unique gift for eager imaginations. Fans of APBA, Strat-O-Matic, and other baseball games have enjoyed endless hours of entertainment as they manage real pros to great highs and great lows on the simulated diamond. This independently produced game, though, takes the feel of real baseball provided by those sims and takes it to a level beyond any ever attempted.

Designed to be played just once, Ticket to Legend will take you pitch by suspenseful pitch through a single major league contest described so vividly that you may completely forget you're only playing a game. Pick any two teams throughout history, fill out your lineups, pour yourself a beer, and just roll the dice to watch the action unfold through about eighty thousand possible words of text. You won't be seeing any dry results like "Ground out to short" or "Double to RF". Every pitch, every swing in Ticket to Legend comes alive with radio broadcast detail. You'll never roll the same batting result twice, and every gamer will experience a different outcome, starting with the very first man to step into the batter's box. You’ll luxuriate in the full story of a game, losing yourself in a battle for the ages, one filled with big hits, miraculous defensive stops, dramatic strikeouts, and amazing freak plays—including the possibility of experiencing one particular sequence so bizarre that it takes an entire page to be described. And you'll see it all—every ball and strike balls that go wide of the foul pole by a hair....hitters grimacing in frustration over line drives speared by alert shortstops...tense mound conferences....pitchers missing the plate by inches on 2 and 2.... managers charging onto the field to state their case on bad calls....not even a video game can approach this level of realism. The announcers may even toss out a trivia question now and then.

Take a few minutes to read the rules of the game, and then replay the seventh game of the '75, '91, or '01 series.....pit Babe Ruth's Yankees against Pedro's Red Sox….or just put your favorite team up against your most hated. The lineups will be limited only by your imagination. Oh, and there won't be many lazy fly balls or easy grounders during your experience. The game has been designed for maximum excitement, meaning great glove work and daring base running will be the norm. And when the final score has been posted and the winners celebrate in the infield, spend some time reading back through the many play results you didn't use to see all the amazing things that could have happened if fate had chosen to go that way.

The game box consists of a pair of dice, a shaker, base runner markers, a score sheet, a rules sheet, a full color playing field, a pitching booklet, the 80,000 word, 88-page batting booklet, and a sealed envelope containing a description of one of the most unusual baseball plays you could ever imagine---one which you may or may not witness during the game! Ticket to Legend can be played as many times as you want, but that first contest will always be the most memorable. Play it solitaire or go against a friend. Every tabletop gamer owes it to himself to just once revel in play descriptions that leap off the page into life, and every baseball fan who would never think of playing a simulation game should indulge in an entertaining daydream like this one.

To purchase Ticket to Legend via PayPal, check, or money order, send an e-mail to with your request. The price of the game is $24.99 plus $4.99 shipping in the U.S.