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Sicko, I Set You Free

Just because something's a book, that doesn't mean it has to be tasteful.

Sicko, I Set You Free is a collection of the funniest erotica the author could think of while listening to his editor drone on and on about the genius of William Faulkner. Within these artistically dubious pages, staid small town journalists, minimum wage food court workers, brilliant Victorian detectives, and even immortal vampires who should know better fall prey to their unhealthy nude whims. Not for the faint of heart or the unpolluted of soul, Sicko, I Set You Free is precisely the kind of book your parents warned would lead you to wind up exactly like that no-good Andy Mittendorf down the street. And just as Uncle Tom's Cabin and Our Town did, these twelve euphemism-laden stories should prove once and for all that men are utterly worthless sex fiends.