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Nailbiter Games

Fans of APBA, Statis Pro, and Strat-o-Matic might enjoy downloading these sports board games, designed during innumerable late inning pitching changes and fourth quarter video replay challenges.

The number in parentheses reflects the amount of play-testing which has been done on these games, with 5 meaning it's been fully tested, 1 meaning not much at all. Feel free to make your own tweaks, and let me know your results.

Nailbiter Football
It’s you versus the Ghost Coach in a revved-up version of the pro game. (4)

Gridiron Chaos
Crowded Crease Chaos
Courtside Chaos
Diamond Chaos
A statkeeper’s dream: the Chaos series creates wild games, abundant lead changes, and eye-popping star performances. (3)

Coach’s Call Football
Manager’s Call Baseball
Rate your own players and work with a bevy of coaching options. (1)

Dream Season Baseball
Dream Season Football
Take a team through an entire season in an hour while tracking the stories and reasons behind its ups and downs. (1)

Gaffer’s Call Soccer
Go Tottenham! (3)

Heroes and Rallies Baseball
Heroes and Rallies Football
When you’re less into strategy and realism than just watching the greats make their case for the Hall of Fame. (3)

Highlight Maker Baseball
Highlight Maker Football
Highlight Maker Basketball
The Highlight Maker series is like watching the 11 o’clock sports wrapup...all the big moments, none of the filler. (3)

Obnoxious Athlete
Wow, what was I bitter about when I made this one? (1)

Rapid Roll Football
One sheet of rules and charts and one roll of the dice to resolve every play. (1)

Gridiron Gauntlet
Follow every team's progress toward the Super Bowl through an entire NFL season. (3)

Ticket to Legend
This is it: the most descriptive sports board sim of all time. (3)

The Sport of Loft
A novella describing the greatest sport never played, including the rulebook.

Roll! They Cried
A novel of APBA Baseball: the real test of how much time you’re willing to spend in the world of sports board games.