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Bride, Groom, Sunday, Forever and Other Stories

Bride, Groom, Sunday, Forever depicts the unusual on-stage wedding of Stanley and Muriel, in which guests are invited to a dilapidated theater for a casual ceremony of skits, speeches, and humorous confessions tracing the history of their relationship. Along with whimsical play-acted depictions of the young bride and groom's romance»as well as an interview with their "future child" and a gag conversation with a psychologist who reduces their love to strict biological terms»come unrehearsed, pointedly honest testimonials by friends which reveal the couple's deepest secrets and fears. In the space of two hours Stanley and Muriel experience hilarity, embarrassment, raw truthfulness and passion, culminating in some sudden and surprising revelations. In presenting themselves to the world as honestly as they can before confronting married life, their ultimate challenge becomes to simply emerge at the end of the ceremony cleansed enough and determined enough to face the uncertain but boundless future.