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Please, allow me to introduce myself...

Joshua J. Drew

Click here to see me close up!

Alright let me just take a quick second to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a musician and a producer. I'm going to USF for the next two years to get my bachelorís degree in business then my and my associate Kyle Siegel are going to start our own music label in the Boston/Worchester, MA area. The label's first artist will be our own, Society Red. If you would like to hear a couple early demos of our work you can find them at . All of the songs were written and composed by me and Kyle Siegel and all instruments were played by us too. also take note that all of these are early recordings and our music has progressed a lot since this time. We now have 27 fully written songs ready to be compiled into our first album; they include:

  1. Loser
  2. Holly
  3. Love can be Wrong
  4. The Drinking Song

  5. Lucky You
  6. She's Alright
  7. Lady Killer
  8. Working Night
  9. Razzaamatazz
  10. She's Running Away
  11. Eight Tomarrow
  12. Come on Over by Me
  13. Long way Home
  14. Fighting for a Reason Pt I.
  15. Fighting for a Reason Pt II
  16. Love with a Gypsy
  17. Money Maker (Soul for Me)
  18. Wild Woman
  19. Love on the Run
  20. funk Fourteen (14)
  21. Don't Crawl to Me
  22. Fine by Me
  23. INTRO
  24. Heroes
  25. Call it What You Like
  26. Why Can't I fall in Love
  27. Talleyho
  28. Jenny

I will also mention that we have a dozen other songs that we're working on and it's just a matter of time before they'll be added to the roster. We're going to be recording our first demo sometime this winter so stay tuned to Pure Volume so you don't miss a thing. (the first four songs that are seperated from the rest of the list are the ones we are going to be recording - Excited? Yeah, we all are.

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