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For those people that had their RV's Parked in Fall City.

This is the point where the Snoqualmie and Raging river meet.

Cracks in the ground near SR202.

Another day of heavy flooding, and I think Fall City, May have been with out a bridge.

Water reached up to the pillars in heavy flood. (Bridge over Snoqualmie River on SR202, Fall City)

Rocks, Trees, Dirt. 15+'x500' of bank washed in to the river.

The bank is less then 13' from the edge of the road.

They best get there Errosion control and Roundabout project cracken.

New Clay cliff on the Raging river. Off the Preston - Fall City Rd.

Bend of the river where clay cliff is visible.

Mud slide on one of the roads leading in to upper preston

Had to be cleared, since undermining of bridge severed the other road.


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