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[info]sexymermaid said she was in the mood for a little Oz/Xander and I was happy to comply. I used her Seduction-verse Xander and Oz and Angelus (sneaky, evil bastard that he is) just slid his way right in there.

PAIRING: Oz/Xander, Angelus
SUMMARY Angelus invited Xander to a special party, and they both get to "celebrate".

The Pleasure Party


"I thought we could do something this weekend, something a little - different." Angelus nuzzled into the nape of Xander's neck.

Different? They never did anything different. School for Xander, sometimes they'd patrol with Buffy. Oh, and sex - lots of sex. Sometimes they tried "different" ways of pleasing each other.

"Sex?" He dropped the spoon into his cereal bowl and turned to face Angelus.


Did Angelus just say huh? Xander couldn't help feeling like his style was rubbing off on the big demon. "Yeah, you said you wanted to do something different this weekend. I said sex."

"No, not sex. I was talking about a party."

"A party?" Xander looked suspicious. He knew that Angelus hadn't been to a party since that little event he'd had the displeasure of watching on tape. "What kind of party?"

"A Halloween party."

The way Angelus' eyes seemed to be circling every part of the room except Xander's face only served to worry him further.

"But you said demons don't go out on Halloween," he had his eyes narrowed in suspicion; sure his lover was up to something.

"I never said we don't go out, just that we don't go out and do anything evil."

The big shifty wonder was still being all vague and avoidy, so Xander made the questions a little more specific. "Okay, so an evil-free party for demons - exactly what will everyone be doing for fun at this… party?"

Angelus shifted from one foot to the other, looking for all the world like a nervous teenager asking his parent's permission to take the car out on his own for the first time. "It's a pleasure party."

"A pleasure party, oh, well that might be fun." He relaxed a little, and then realized he had no idea what he'd been about to agree to. "Wait! What the heck is a pleasure party?"

"Well, you know how most demons are not so… uhm… big on monogamy?"

"Yeah, I've kinda noticed."

Dark eyes met his for the first time since the party had been mentioned. "What do you mean? I've been perfectly loyal to you. I haven't laid a hand on another for nearly a year."

Xander stepped into the circle of his lover's arms, "I know. You've been perfect, you really have. It's just I'm a little, you know… jealous… and afraid of losing you."

Angelus kissed him fiercely, "You could never lose me, not even if you wanted to."

Feeling a little breathless from the kiss, and ready to move on to talking about more pressing matters like what was suddenly throbbing behind his zipper, Xander rubbed himself against his vampire. "Okay, tell me about this party."

He had no idea why he'd agreed to come to this party. Okay, that wasn't completely true - he had a couple of reasons for agreeing. Now that they were making their way through the crowd, every one of those suddenly seemed suspect.

"I'll get you a drink," Angelus released Xander's hand and made his way over to the bar.

Xander adjusted his feathered mask so he could see a little better, and watched the way Angelus' ass flexed under the snug fitting leather. Every demon and pet here would be anxious to partner with his lover. Who would have guessed that this annual "party" was where so many of the demons disappeared to on Halloween? A once a year opportunity for those demons who worked so hard at maintaining the much-maligned, in the demon community anyway, monogamous relationships with humans or lesser demons - to be with another demon. That's what this thing was all about.

He'd felt worried and jealous at first, but Angelus had managed to convince him that it would strengthen their relationship. His demon had to hold back a lot in their love-making, and after a while the urge to really hurt his partner would become nearly over-whelming. The big vampire had explained that he never wanted to hurt Xander, and a one time experience with another demon would allow him to work off some of his demony tension.

Angelus hadn't pushed him in any way, ultimately leaving the decision to attend the party in Xander's hands. He'd even arranged for his boy to meet with Lal to learn more about what would go on at the pleasure party. She had confirmed everything he'd been told, and admitted that as much as she and Oz had fallen into a very loving relationship - she also needed the chance to act out some aggressions that would be dangerous for Oz in his human form. Not wanting anything to come between them, and more than a little worried that without an outlet, Angelus' baser desires could undo everything they'd built together, Xander had agreed.

Of course, if he were being totally honest with himself - that wasn't his only reason for giving in. Xander had to admit that he'd been a little curious about a few things himself. After all, he'd never been with anyone but Angelus, not that it was necessarily a bad thing being constantly attended to by that gorgeous hunk of demon, but he sometimes wondered what it might be like to be with someone else. He wondered what it would be like to do things that he'd never get the chance to do with Angelus, to be the aggressor, the one wielding the paddle or cracking the whip, the one holding the key to someone's pleasure. He'd only taken Angelus once, while he'd been under the influence of the hyena, and as much as he knew his demon loved him - Xander didn't hope for a moment that he'd be topping Angelus again any day soon.

Sighing, he backed up until he could lean against the wall and survey the other party-goers. Nearly everyone in attendance was wearing a mask, which made it much easier to stand there without freaking out - but so much harder to know what he was getting himself into. There was every sort of flesh on display - humans, vampires, every type of demon in every shade imaginable. Some even had horns and tails.

Yeah, he didn't think that's what he'd be going for.

Xander continued scanning the crowd as he waited for Angelus, but found his eyes habitually settling back on the beautiful face of his lover. He could see him standing by the bar talking with Lal, and he couldn't help but feel a little flip of jealousy in the pit of his stomach when he realized Angelus was flirting with her. No one could blame him though; the demoness was beautiful by anyone's standards. Tonight, she seemed especially lovely, her green skin dusted with gold powder giving her a burnished glow. The short, sleek Grecian style dress she wore, made her limbs seem impossibly long and lithe, and Xander let his gaze travel down to the gold sandals she wore revealing perfectly polished toes.

When he raised his eyes, he saw Angelus looking at him expectantly and couldn't help but smile at how the newest "Master" of Sunnydale was obviously awaiting a human boy's permission to sample Lal's charms. He nodded his acceptance of Angelus' desires and found his smile returned. Oddly, he found that the thought of his lover with the demoness wasn't as upsetting as he might have thought. In fact, the tightness in his borrowed leather pants was enough to indicate the opposite.

Shit, the thought of Angelus fucking Lal was getting him hot.

Angelus raised the second glass he'd been holding for Xander, but Xander waved it away, letting his lover know that he could go ahead with his plans with Lal. His vampire nodded once more, wound an arm around the beautiful green shoulders, and ushered his partner for this evening's festivities toward one of the back rooms.

The cement wall had started to chill his skin by the time Xander decided that standing there like a wallflower wasn't going to put any partners on his dance card. Angelus had warned him that though he was indeed a very beautiful and desirable boy, he might find himself lacking attention as many of the other local demons and pets could possibly be in fear of retribution from the new Master if they chose his lover as their partner. Pushing away from the wall, Xander decided that a drink for courage couldn't hurt and made his way through the crowd to the bar.

Along the way he realized that, although he wore a mask, everyone seemed to know who he was. Many bowed and spoke to him as he passed, demonstrating their fealty to Angelus. A path was cleared for him so that he made it to the bar safely, and perhaps sadly, unmolested. He ordered his drink and leaned his elbows on the bar, starting to wonder if his jealousy would return if he spent the entire night alone while his lover was in another room doing gods knew what with the green demoness.

Xander was slipping firmly into Angelus' brooding posture when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey, I didn't expect to see you here."

Thrilled to hear a friendly voice, Xander spun around, nearly dropping his glass as he drank in the sight of Oz. It was even more shocking considering that his friend was the kind of guy who always wore baggy jeans, rock band t-shirts and old flannel shirts. Oz was wearing the collar that Lal had fitted him with, but it was now embellished with a tiny gold loop on the front. Strung through this loop were two thin gold chains, these were connected to two gold rings that were pierced through the other boy's nipples - they stood out pink and erect, stimulated by the cool metal and the movement of the chains.

"Yeah, me neither," he pointed at Oz's chest. "Did those hurt?"

Oz shrugged, and the movement tightened the chains and tugged at his nipple rings. "Maybe it would've hurt if I'd got it done at some piercing place, but Lal did it and she's got lots of… uhm… mojo."

"Yeah, mojo…" Xander was trying desperately not to follow the line of those little chains down the rest of his friend's body, but he didn't seem to be able to help himself.

They were looped around his nipple piercings and continued down his abdomen, coming together at a little belly-button ring. The single chain that descended from the base of that piercing disappeared under the only garment covering Oz's wiry frame, a small white cloth, which was wrapped around Oz's waist and tied at one hip. The scrap of material was so brief that it barely covered his ass, and it hung so low that Xander could see a tuft of red curls peeking out above it.

His fingers twitched at his side, itching to pull that cloth aside and reveal the end of that sexy little chain's journey.

"What did you say?" He'd only just realized Oz had been speaking to him.

Oz arched an amused eyebrow, "I said, 'Looks like our masters have run away together.'"

"Uh-huh," he was still mesmerized by the way the chain was parting those curls before it disappeared beneath the fabric. "I bet Angelus has your master spread and begging for his cock right now."

Oz smiled, "Or it could be the other way around."

"Say what?" Xander's attention snapped away from the piercings and back to his friend's face.

"You're a little off tonight, aren't you?"


"I said that maybe Angelus is the one spreading for Lal."

"What? How's that possible? Hello, girl demon - plus boy demon - equals girl demon spreading." Xander felt pretty proud of his witty analogy.

"That's where you're wrong. Girl human - plus boy human - might equal girl human spreading. It could go either way with Lal, she has a huge cock." Oz was obviously enjoying shocking Xander despite his new subservient role.

"Okay," Xander sat his drink on the bar and stuck both index fingers into his ears and twisted them around. "I must've needed to clean my ears better tonight, 'cause I thought you just said the words 'she' and 'huge cock' in the same sentence - referring to the same person."

"I did." Oz watched Xander's mouth hanging open in shock. "You never know what you're gonna get with a demon. Lot's of them have both parts. Most of the time with Lal it's just the girl parts, but when she gets really hot… let's just say that she has a dick that'd put most guys to shame."

"Really… really… for real… really," Xander just kept repeating himself.

"Really, demon sex is… different."

His eyes dropped to the tiny cloth concealing Oz's sex, "What about you, you're a demon."

"That's different. Demons like me and Angelus; we were men who were sorta infected by a demon."

Oz's hand shot out and grabbed Xander's wrist, pulling it to him and pushing it down the front of the thin cloth he wore. Xander gasped, but willingly cupped the cock beneath his palm, a little surprised at how thick it was considering his friend's small stature.

"See - all boy."

"Yeah, I can tell." He swallowed hard, suddenly wishing he'd actually had some of that drink as his mouth became very dry while the tip of Oz's cock grew very wet.

"So, you and me… how 'bout it?" Oz was looking him directly in the eyes and Xander could see how intensely green Oz's were.

"But - I thought you were all… what does Angelus call it… oh yeah, subby." Oz's cock had grown in Xander's hand, and he could feel more metal as he let his fingers dance over it. He was aching to tear off that piece of cloth and see what was what underneath it.

"Well, not normally, what with the wolf and all. Wolves are pretty alpha, not much different than your boyfriend when it comes to that." He was pushing into Xander's hand.

"You and Lal…"

"I don't mind letting the right person take charge and bend me over. It's kind of freeing really."

Xander licked his lips, moving his hand lower to touch Oz's balls, feeling all tingly when his hand met still more metal.

"So, Lal's the right person?"

Oz leaned forward, nuzzling his face into the collar of the silk shirt Angelus had ordered for him just for this occasion, unable to prevent the part of him that was wolf from snuffling at Xander's scent. "You could be one of the right one's… if you wanted."

Having Oz so close seemed to wake something within Xander. He could smell the scent of the wolf's arousal and it was so enticing. It was the hyena, Xander could feel it rising within him and he quickly tried to tamp it down.

"I don't know Oz, Angelus is pretty jealous of you - especially after that whole claim deal." He tried to back away from his friend, but found himself gasping as a wet tongue rasped its way over his collarbone.

Oz leaned back and smiled, "Who do you think sent me out here to find you?"

"What? Angelus made you come one to me?" Xander couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"He didn't have to make me; you know I wanted to… wanted to almost as long as you've been with him."

"But, he was all okey dokey with it?"

"I promised to be a good wolf, none of that claiming stuff. I told him I wanted to offer myself to you."

"Uhm… okay," Xander didn't seem to be able to think of anything else to say.

Oz nodded, pulled Xander's hand from inside his cloth, lowered his eyes, and folded to his knees in front of Xander.

"If you want me, I'm yours to use as you will for the night."

A growl rose in the back of his throat as the hyena still buried within thrilled to the vision of this alpha wolf bowing before Xander. Regardless of his attempt to control that feeling, his voice was still husky when he spoke, "Follow me."

The wolfling rose and trailed behind Xander, eyes cast subserviently down as they made their way to an unoccupied room. When they were inside, he turned down the lights and motioned toward a pile of pillows in the center of the room. "Strip."

Without answering, Oz moved to obey. Xander's hand cracked down on his ass and he froze, moaning quietly.

"I require a response when I give you an order." He found himself slipping easily into the role his own demon lover normally took in their relationship, and the thrill of witnessing Oz's submission sent another wave of lust riding through his nervous system.

Oz's head dropped further, "Yes, master."

Trembling fingers reached for the knotted fabric and slowly untied it. Xander groaned when the cloth dropped to the floor and he was able to see the extent of Oz's piercings. The chain from his belly ring went down, circling the base of his cock before it dipped beneath Oz's sac, ending where it was attached to a ring there. The thin metal tinkled as he moved around and Xander couldn't wait to touch it.

He manipulated the strands of gold, pulling at those on top and watching as it stretched the pink nipples. Xander couldn't resist leaning in and tickling them with his tongue.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes, master."

Xander pulled at the lower chain and watched the way it tugged Oz's cock and balls to the side. He started biting at the nipples and twitching the chains, setting off a round of moaning from his friend.

"Undress me."

"Yes, master."

Xander's shirt was unbuttoned and pushed off his shoulders. Oz reached for his pants, lowering the zip and shoving them down Xander's legs until he could step out of them. He wrapped his hand around the hard cock that was brushing his cheek as he straightened, fisting him slowly.

"Shall I touch you, too?"


Xander smiled and stepped away from Oz, pulling his cock out of the hand that was stroking it. "Nuh-uh, that's not the right way."

Oz quickly corrected himself, "Yes, master… please."

"Sorry, that's just a little too late," he'd crossed to the wall and selected a small leather covered paddle that hung on a small rack there. "Bend over those cushions; I'm going to have to punish you."

"Yes, master," Oz rushed to comply.

The leather paddle made loud popping sounds which echoed around the room as Xander brought it down on first one cheek then the other, admiring how quickly Oz's skin turned pink under the spanking. He was soon squirming around on the pillows, moaning. Oz separated his legs and Xander gasped when he saw the plug that was inserted in his ass. Reaching out, he touched the base of it - wiggling it a little with his fingertips. Oz started to rub himself against the cushion.

Xander brought the paddle down on Oz's ass again with a loud crack, "You don't come until I say!"

The edge of the paddle bumped against the plug in Oz's hole, slamming it into his prostate, "Xander!"

"Oh, fuck," Xander couldn't keep up the game any more. "Spread your legs wide - I've gotta be inside you, Oz."

Oz cried out again as Xander jerked the plug out and shoved into the already lubed opening, hips jerking as he pumped his cock in and out of the slick channel. Strong arms circled Oz's pale chest as Xander pulled him upright, pulling at the chains and stretching his nipples as he pounded into him. Oz's legs were shaking as Xander took his hand and placed it on his own cock.

"I want you to jerk yourself off - be ready to come when I come." He was panting in Oz's ear as he continued fucking him hard and fast.

Shaking his head frantically, Oz wrapped a hand around his thick sex, pulling on it roughly as Xander's rhythm broke. He wrapped his hand over Oz's and moved it faster.

"I'm almost there - you ready?"

"Yes… harder… please… master."

The last word sent Xander over the edge, "Fuck, yeah!"

He pushed in hard, feeling Oz's muscles clenching and working around his cock as he shot over their hands, shaking in Xander's arms as they both toppled over onto the pillows.

"Yeah," Xander mumbled in his sleep.

Angelus pulled him closer, dragging a palm down his chest and lifting it up to look at the sticky mess he'd just slid it through. "Dreaming about me, boy?"

Xander blinked the sleep away in the still darkened room, rolling over onto his back, "What?"

His vampire touched a wet finger to Xander's lips for him to taste himself. "You came in your sleep; I must have been doing you right in that dream."

Trying to shake the image of watching Oz's cock go off like a rocket as his own pumped into him, Xander told a little white lie. "So right - but you always do me right."

He could still hear the sound of those gold chains tinkling as he fucked his friend. No way was he telling his boyfriend that he just came in his sleep dreaming of having sex with the one person that he was really jealous of.

"I thought we could do something this weekend, something a little - different." Angelus nuzzled into the nape of Xander's neck.

Xander sat bolt upright. "A party?"

"What?" Angelus shook his head. "No. What party?"

"I just thought you were going to say you wanted to go to a party, and if you were I was gonna totally wig."

"I wasn't suggesting a party. I thought maybe we could see a movie… in a theater."

Xander slid back down in the bed, letting Angelus pull him close, "Yeah, that's a much better idea - a no wigging idea. I don't know if I could handle a party."

Angelus kissed him softly, "I think you should stop eating sugar before bed."

"Kay," he was sliding down to tongue one hard nipple.

"I think Lal did mention a party, if that's what you're in the mood for."

Xander backed up and fell out of the bed.

The End

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