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Media Journal 1

This is about the views two pennsylvania sociologists have on higher education.
Dr. Ivar Berg Dr. Randall Collins

Though both had different views, they both came to the same conclusion colleges recieve a lot of money from the public making promises of workplace productivity and improve social mobility but still failing at both tasks.

Berg believed that businesses were using educational credentials (aka college degrees) as hiring criteria. As well as finding out if college graduates were better employees than high school graduates.

Collins explained that higher education system locked in a cycle of expanding access to degrees, which lowers the value of those degrees in the employment field which then drives some of those degree-holders back to school for still more advanced degrees. Collins writes "In principle, credential inflation could go on endlessly, until janitors need Ph,D,'s and babysitters are required to hold advanced degrees in child care. People could stay in college up through their 30s and 40s"

Media Journal 1