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Pullman built Railway Cars by Lot Number
Pullman Lot # 3864, Plan 2410, Gothic "12-1" Sleeping Car
Pullman Lot # 3945, Plan 2584, Gothic "10-2" Sleeping Car
Pullman Lot # 4431, Plan 2410F, Heavyweight "12-1" Sleeping Car
Pullman Lot # 4494, Plan 2411C, Heavyweight "12-1-1" Sleeping Car - coming soon
Pullman Lot # 4933, Plan 3585A, Heavyweight "10-1-2" Sleeping Car "Lake" series
Pullman Lot # 6041, Plan 3958A, Heavyweight "14 Section" Sleeping Car
Pullman built Railway Cars by Plan Number
Pullman Plan # 2410 Gothic "12-1" Sleeping Car - in progress & updated as prepared
Pullman Plan # 4084B Heavyweight Rebuild "6-6" Sleeping Car
Information Links and Materials used for this site
The following links and materials have been extremely valuable in my work of compiling my database. Where several issues of magazines or reference books have been used for information, I have listed the name of the source only once with (various years or issues) after the listing.
Amtrak Car and Locomotive Spotter - Wayner Publications
Bytown Railway Society - Trackside Guides (various years)
Canadian National Railways - Passenger Equipment 1867 - 1992 - Gay Lepkey
Canadian Pacific Historical Association
From Zephyr to Amtrak - David Randall
Illinois Central - Monarchs of Mid-America - David Randall
Illinois Central Railroad Passenger Equipment
Illustrated History of Budd Railway Passenger Cars - J.W. Kerr
Illustrated Treasury of Pull-Std Railway Passenger Cars Since 1945 Vol. II - O.M. Kerr
Long Island Railroad Parlor Cars
Martin Grove Press
Mainline Modeler  - Plans by George A. Trager (various issues)
More Classic Trains - Arthur D. Dubin
North East Rails    
Passenger Car Photo Index
Passenger Train Journal - Pentrex (various issues)
Pullman Company Descriptive List of Cars, March 1961
Pullman Company List of Standard and Tourist Cars (The)
Pullman Project (The)
Rail Images - Jerry Laboda
Some Classic Trains - Arthur D. Dubin
Train Shed Cyclopedia # 39 - William Voss
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