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In 1950 the Pullman Company assigned "Pullman Car Codes" to all "Named" (see note 1, 2, 3 & 4) Pullman (owned or leased) operated sleeping and parlour cars. These numbers were assigned to the cars "alphabetically", mixing older heavyweight with newer lightweight equipment. I use the Pullman Company "Descriptive List of Cars", dated March 1961, guessing or assuming some of the Car Codes for cars not rostered, when this list was published. These numbers were assigned to any Pullman operated cars in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.  
note 1: Cars owned by Nor Pac & So Pac were never named, but numbered, and were assigned "Pullman Car Codes" in the 8700 - 8900 series.  
note 2: Cars renamed or renumbered (name removed) carried their original "Pullman Car Code" assigned in 1950 throughout their career. This also applies to cars sold to Mexico, that were renamed, but still leased to Pullman.  
note 3: Lightweight cars built after 1950 were assigned "Pullman Car Codes", as available from retired cars or assigned newly created numbers, that weren't alphabetical.  
note 4: Heavyweight Cars in Government Storage, were cars surplus to Pullman, and other owners. Pullman leases were still valid, and it seems these cars were stored, pending expiration of leases and decisions on the fate of each car. Many were probably vandalised, most were scrapped, with a few still in existance.  
Before the computer age, Pullman had a  numbered "Diagram Form" for each style or configuration of sleeping, tourist or parlour car operated in the U.S.A, Canada or Mexico. This diagram, would allow the agent, when assigning space, to enter the name of the passenger, as well as their destination, in their assigned space. It also displayed the location on the car, where the space was located, as well as adjoining doors, larger sized berths or style of berths. Diagrams are displayed in the Pullman Company "Descriptive List of Cars", dated March 1961  
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