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Poetry by slave sarah

i only have one at the moment, more will be added as inspiration hits.

May 8, 2006

As i walk through this forest
Keeping my eyes ahead
Not looking back
As i glance and see things that could have been
would have been
should have been
i have fallen on the way...skinned knees and scarred heart
i feel a soft breeze...helping me...caring and nurturing
i continue to walk through this forest
these vines crawl through me
they wrap around my heart, my soul
they beg me to change course
i shove past them.continueing down my path
now consumed by pain
the sorrow has begun to overwhelm me
tears fight not to flow
but they come....hidden forever
by the walls i have built
it is sound...i can see my path clearly, it is easy to follow
heartache and misery await...happiness was lost long ago
i stop, feeling the vines tug at my heart yet again
i feel the breeze, wash around my soul
i look around, there..behind a briar patch...another path
i dare to steal a look...peeking through the thorns
the breeze blows past, the vines have ceased as i now see
through the
but i also see pain...i see mountains begging to be climbed
as i step back to look at the briar is pain..but beyond that...
do i dare change my course?
do i follow the path
of what could have been..
would have been..
should have been?
the breeze comes through...
my walls drift away as if leaves
and i fall to my knees...and let it consume me

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