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Ardoin_Brothers_and_Canray_Fontenot_ 2.303.11.29 15:17:25ArtistArdoin_Brothers_and_Canray_FonAlbum0:03:12 96S44
Steve Fontenot - 04Love(care) In The 01:23:280:09:57 96M44
Steve Fontenot - Proverbs 31 - 2002- 6.602.11.22 02:28:180:05:32160M44
Steve Fontenot - 03Authority In The 01:07:340:20:07 48S32
Steve Fontenot - 06Love(Intimate) In 01:49:580:04:58192M44
Steve Fontenot - 01Introduction To S 22:16:16Steve Fontenot01introduction To Studies2002-11-100:03:47256S44
Steve Fontenot - 07ParentChild(Child 02:02:480:11:44 80S22
Steve Fontenot - 05Love(affection) I 01:36:50
Steve Fontenot - 02 Purpose Of Marri 00:51:240:12:02 80M44
Steve Fontenot - 08ParentChild(Paren 02:15:520:04:56192M44
Ardoin_Brothers_and_Canray_Fontenot_ 1.403.11.29 15:05:00ArtistArdoin_Brothers_and_Canray_FonAlbum0:02:03 96S44
Ardoin_Brothers_and_Canray_Fontenot_ 2.503.11.29 14:56:42ArtistArdoin_Brothers_and_Canray_FonAlbum0:03:35 96S44
Isom_Fontenot_You_Had_Some_But_You_D 01:01:36Isom FontenotYou Had Some But You Don't AnyFolksongs Of The Louisiana Aca
Steve Fontenot - 02Purpose Of Marria 23:04:40Steve Fontenot02purpose Of Marriage2002-11-100:12:02 80M44
ShepherdTheFlock.mp360.4Bruce Williams, Mike Fontenot, AShepherd The FlockFaith Of Our Fathers1:03:00128S44
Steve Fontenot - Proverbs 31 - 2002-42.602.11.17 22:54:280:44:23128S44
Steve Fontenot - 05Love(affection) I46.602.11.14 16:00:180:48:32128S44
Steve Fontenot - 08ParentChild(Paren45.502.11.18 00:01:320:47:28128S44
Steve Fontenot - 07ParentChild(Child45.002.11.18 00:21:420:46:56128S44
Steve Fontenot - 02Purpose Of Marria46.202.11.11 02:51:200:48:11128S44
Steve Fontenot - 01Introduction To S46.602.11.20 10:51:060:48:37128S44
Steve Fontenot - 06Love(Intimate) In45.802.11.14 22:03:000:47:43128S44
Steve Fontenot - 03Authority In The46.302.11.12 13:50:040:48:17128S44
Steve Fontenot - 04Love(care) In The45.802.11.12 17:58:460:47:47128S44
Fontenot.mp335.903.03.19 16:14:140:29:57160S44
ShepherdTheFlock.mp360.4Bruce Williams, Mike Fontenot, AShepherd The FlockFaith Of Our Fathers1:03:00128S44

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