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Hello everyone,

    My name is April.  I am currently enrolled in the Masters program, Division of Education, at Mount Saint Mary College.  I am working towards a Masters in Science degree, Adolescence Education, with a specialization in Spanish & Hispanic Studies.

    I graduated from the University of Albany in 1998 with a political Science degree.  Although the subject matter is interesting and at times empowering, I have to admit, I never used it.  After graduation I moved to the Maryland shore where I passed the days at the beach and the nights making frozen drinks for tourists.  Although, they are times to remember, I needed something more.  I traveled and traveled and traveled, like a vagabond with little money,  making  it to more than fifteen different countries.   I returned back to New York, where I continued to engage in the thankless restaurant business.  I then realized that teaching was for me.  I donít know exactly how my past experiences have brought me to this point.  Maybe because, I think that the world is such a vast and magnificent place that I would like to share it with others.  I canít imagine spending my entire life between two bodies of water.  Thereís so much life and culture out there that many never see, or experience.  So, like a gardener, I would like to plant the seed of possibility into the youth of today.

            In January 2006, I entered the Masterís program.  I needed to clear up some deficiencies in my content area, Spanish, so I decided to study abroad in Segovia Spain.  I loved it and canít wait to return.  Now, I am just studying fulltime and substituting once in a while on the side. I hope you enjoy my website. 


°Feliz Navegaciůn!