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Sei Shadowstrider

Sei Shadowstrider is the co leader of clan Shadowstrider. He is a devil. Having grown from his demon status he has gone through a transformation to increase his power to save his family. He is the holder of the power of Aklynn. Though he shares it with his family it was he orginally that became the guardian of the world. He cares for the people and makes sure they all have food to eat but he never gets too involved. There are things that people must learn to do on their own of course. He resides over a school of mages that he actually lets his son Marron watch over. He built it for the purpose of teaching the citizens to defend their cities from monsters and to help with sailing. He has his hand in everything apparently in Aklynn except evil transactions. Though evil is in the the land he does not actively attack it. He let's those with a sense of justice to deal with the matters.

He in spite of his heritage is a kindly man. He will take in those with no family and will help those down on their luck. He finds that a strength in family is far superior to strength in power. Though do not get him wrong he has power to save those. Though he uses magic constently he seems to hold back his true power. Noone knows why. Except maybe Calisto and that is a secret that will follow them through all time."