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			  Teleny and Camille
              By Jon Macy
              A Graphic Novel adaptation of
              the anonymous novel attributed
              to Oscar Wilde and Circle

248 pages, black and white interior,
color cover, perfect binding


Praise for Teleny and Camille:

"...worth all the effort, because Macy’s finished product is nothing short of breathtaking."
Steven Surman, Broken Frontier

" excellent adaptation and modernization of the material, with lovely stylized art."
Andrea Speed , CX!!!pulp

"...classic work of erotica is now visually re-interpreted by Macy in all its lush, sexual excess."
Marc Felion , Feast of Fun

"Teleny and Camille seethes. It churns. It tugs. It traps all things beautifully gay and all things terribly gay then challenges the reader to not look away."
Sean McGrath, Ortho Comics

Video Trailer and Synopsis