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Cover art for Fearful Hunter Number One
      By Jon Macy Cover art for Fearful Hunter Number Two
      By Jon Macy Cover art for Fearful Hunter Number Three
      By Jon Macy

Fearful Hunter #1, 56 pages.

"In a queer Celtic fantasy world, Oisin, a Druid on the eve of his initiation
meets, Byron, a troubled Werewolf
and they fall in love."

Fearful Hunter #2, 68 pages.

"Oisin and Byron attempt to save their budding romance from erotic tentacled gods and jealous sorcerers."

Fearful Hunter #3, 56 pages.

"Oisin and Byron explore in town and the werewolf camp to find each other's past, while the Druid masters hatch their plot to separate the boys."

Fearful Hunter
in a series of four books (book four forthcoming),
black and white interior, full color covers
and perfect bound.

For Mature Readers.

Praise for Fearful Hunter:

"[It has] a mythical quality that brings it to a whole higher level."
-Francois Peneaud, The Gay Comics List

"...incredibly engrossing, beautifully-drawn works of brilliance."
-Anthony Glassman, The Gay People's Chronicle

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