Teleny and Camille press release, Northwest Press, August 2010 (in PDF format)

Video Interview Part 1, Periwinkle Journal

Reviews of Teleny and Camille:

"...worth all the effort, because Macy’s finished product is nothing short of breathtaking."
Steven Surman, Broken Frontier

" excellent adaptation and modernization of the material, with lovely stylized art."
Andrea Speed , CX!!!pulp

"...Macy handles it spectacularly with his moody, evocative artwork."
Brian Cronin, Comic Book Resources

"His inky linework stays sensuous and sensitive to the turbulent emotions and settings of his two idealised lovers, shifting between streamlined simplicity and more ornate flourishes from Expressionism to Art Nouveau."
Paul Gravett, Comics • Graphic Novels • Manga

"...stands as both a great accomplishment in the graphic novel genre and a major contribution to gay literature."
Fanboys of the Universe

"...classic work of erotica is now visually re-interpreted by Macy in all its lush, sexual excess."
Marc Felion, Feast of Fun

"Macy has had a great year, winning a Lambda Literary Award for Teleny and Camille (published by Northwest Press) in the category of Gay Erotica."
Photo, Huffington Post

" and straight, erotic and shocking... Macy’s drawing style handles it all and manages to be both sexy and fantastical. "
Cathy Camper, Lambda Literary

"Teleny and Camille seethes. It churns. It tugs. It traps all things beautifully gay and all things terribly gay then challenges the reader to not look away."
Sean McGrath, Ortho Comics

"This book is fun. It’s unique, academic and sexy. Teleny and Camille is far and away the most innovative gay novel of the past few years."
Mackenzie Worrall, Bookmarks, Outlook Columbus Magazine

"The panels explode with vines, petals, and stamens as suggestive as any Mapplethorpe photo; hard cocks; and beautiful men posing and writhing...drawn into the beautiful, sumptuous world of elegance, art, and cruising."
T R Moss, Out Personals magazine

"...raunchy, poetic, and ultimately uplifting."
Najva Sol, Periwinkle Journal

"...hard to put it down, it reads that good."
P.D. Houston, Renderwrx Productions

"...sensual and bold, reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley...Macy’s art changes just as easily, from lovely to grotesque but remains, on the whole, decadent and lush."
Hayden Thorne, Speak its Name

"What Jon Macy has done with his Teleny and Camille graphic novel is impressive...[he has] given new life to an old, beloved book that has a lot to offer to modern readers."
Francois Peneaud, The Gay Comics List

"One might presume these debased drawings to be produced by Wilde’s occasional associate Aubrey Beardsley. Rather, they are the unholy work of one Jon Macy..."
Joe Palmer, The Gay League

"...incredibly engrossing, beautifully-drawn works of brilliance."
Anthony Glassman, The Gay People's Chronicle

"...not simply the visual re-telling of a well-known novel. It is a celebration of that novel... an artistic and aesthetic triumph."
John McRae, The Oscholars

"Bringing this material to the modern reader through personal storytelling and displaying the challenges he encountered, Macy 'pulls-no-punches'..."
Nathan Kibler, Volpane in Love

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