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Fearful Hunter press release, Jon Macy, March 2010 (in PDF format)

Video Interview Part 2, Periwinkle Journal

Reviews of Fearful Hunter #1:

"[It has] a mythical quality that brings it to a whole higher level."
Francois Peneaud, The Gay Comics List

"...incredibly engrossing, beautifully-drawn works of brilliance."
Anthony Glassman, The Gay People's Chronicle

"...superlative...intriguing...highly recommended."
Sean McGrath, Ortho Comics

Reviews of Fearful Hunter #2:

"...beautiful black-and-white art, but now [Macy] has proven his talent as an original writer..."
Steven Surman, Broken Frontier

"...arresting erotic encounters and characters."
Gay League

"...create[s] such great emotion and impact"
Graphic Novel News

" lush and sexy as ever, with its depiction of a luxuriant forest and of impressively male gods."
Francois Peneaud, The Gay Comics List

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