The archive below consists of a variety of resources I have put together over the years; old Lent courses, leaflets of prayers or information. which don't have a home anywhere else on the website. You are welcome to take and use anything you like - please acknowledge where it came from if you can.Thanks.


Lent 07 -  All are welcome.  An exploration of God's welcome for us and our welcome for each other.
Lent 08 - Practicing Faith. The things Christians do, and why they do them
Lent 09 - The Week that Changed the World. An exploration of the crucifixion and resurrection according to Mark
Lent 10 - Poles Apart. The issues that divide us
Lent 11 - Into the Desert. An exploration of Jesus temptations in the wilderness
Lent 12 - Holy Ground - Finding God where you are
Lent 13 - What's the point? What is life for and what are you doing with yours?

Other resources

Jesse Tree
Hour of Silence - handouts to accompany our "Hours of Silence" through Lent 11, linked to the course "Into the Desert" above.
Hour of Silence 1
Hour of Silence 2
Hour of Silence 3
Hour of Silence 4
Hour of Silence 5

Many of these are traditional in origin, but rewritten by me. If you use them  in the form I have written them, please acknowledge me as the author

Christmas  Stories - told at Christmas Day services in place of the sermon
The Christmas Branch
The King's Storyteller This is an original story - please credit me with it as author.
Marko's Christmas Visitors - adapted from a Serbian folk tale
What can I give him? Another original by me - please credit me
St Brigid's Christmas  Adapted and assembled from a patchwork of stories about St Brigid
Brother Comgall and the mouse
The Crib of Bo Bossu
The Gift of the star
The Holy Night
Old Tom
The Owl's Christmas

More about prayer and silence:
"Growing into Silence"
Article on silence
"At foot speed"