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To begin your day's lessons,
please read the instructions below carefully.

Instructions for Completing Your Physics Assignments

  • You will find a number of activities on this webpage.

  • Click on each activity and go through the contents.

  • You are required to complete all activities,
    save it and email
    the completed the assignments as an attachment
    back to your teacher.

  • Please use the email links at the bottom of the page.

Please Click to access your Physics Homework Schedule.

Micro Lesson on Electricity Cost

Measurements Worksheet

Micro Lesson on Resistors

Science Experiments At Home

Webquest on Waves

Revision Test on Density

The following Macromedia Flash lessons
are accompanied by a worksheet
Please view all files before completing the worksheet.

Macromedia Flash on Earthing

Macromedia Flash on Fuses

Macromedia Flash on Electricity Cost

Worksheet based on Macromedia Flash Lessons

Click to Online your Science Experiment