Chapter 1: Solving the Riddle of Space-time


   Chapter 2: Experiments Validate the Spiritual


   Chapter 3: Earth's Age and the Science of Genesis 1


   Chapter 4: Adam and Eve: History and the Bible Agree!


   Chapter 5: The Biblical Flood: Was It Global?


   Chapter 6: Solving the Exodus Mystery


   Chapter 7: History Confirms the Biblical Jesus


   Chapter 8: Bible Prophecy: A Major Key to World Peace


   Chapter 9: Promised One of All Religions


   Chapter 10: Textual Evidences for the Bible and Koran


   Chapter 11: Issues Concerning the Koran and Islam


   Chapter 12: Is Jesus Christ God?


   Chapter 13: Mesoamerican Scripture or Fraud?


   Chapter 14: Christianity and the Mysteries


   Conclusion: Where is This All Taking Us?


   Appendix A: Bible Chronology: Birth of Abraham to Death of Moses  

   Appendix BThe Seven Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls


   Appendix CManifestations of God and The Naros Cycle




   Bible Abbreviations