The Secret to Uniting Humanity is Revealed!


This book documents ancient prophecies from every major religion that prove that a new world religion is true. This religion is destined to create world peace. These prophecies are not vague: they mention dates, places, names, and events. This religion, founded in the 1800s, will unite the world. This will not though be under an anti-Christ in league with a false prophet. A new understanding of biblical end times prophecies proves that we should work now to create a worldwide democratic government, instead of assuming that the Bible says it is impossible until after a seven year tribulation. The truth is that mankind can repent and avoid World War III and the associated horrors of the Book of Revelation.


Why should you believe in God, though, when there is great pain and evil? The truth is that God evolved; He learned and made mistakes. This caused pain and evil, whereas a God who was always All-knowing would have only created perfection--creations who, like unto Himself, would have had free-will but who could not have misused it. Ancient sacred geometry secrets are unveiled to prove that God began as Pure Mind that increased in complexity until it caused the Big Bang. The universe is thus finite. The Bible supports the idea that the universe evolved over 13.7 billion years.


The truth of the Bible and other Holy Books are now established through science and archaeology. These scriptures point to the new world religion. This truth will unite us, whereas disagreement leads to conflict. Future scientific experiments can even test these claims, along with those about: intelligent design, the afterlife, prayer studies, remote viewing, near-death experiences, psychic abilities, the human aura, and more. It can thus be shown that we live in a magickal universe. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel have preserved magickal secrets to initiate a New Era.


The Bible is shown to be essentially inerrant. How Genesis 1 is a scientific account is explained, along with proof that the Bible originally taught that the patriarchs (Adam, Enoch, Noah, etc.) had normal life spans. It is also shown that Adam and Eve were twins born in 4011 B.C. Thus she came from the “side” of his egg. It is explained that the Garden of Eden story is an account of a Sumerian temple ritual—with two symbolic trees, nudity, a priest called the “serpent,” and a high priest called the “divine one.” You will also learn that: Noah's flood was local to the Mesopotamian Plain and due mainly to extreme rain (e.g., from a rare cyclone and monsoon in the Arabian Sea) and the melting of extreme ice and snow that fed the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The biblical date for the flood is 2910 B.C., which agrees with the Sumerian King List, the date of thick flood deposits, and tree ring and ice-core dates.


The remains of Sodom and Gomorrah have been found, and the scientific date and the biblical date for their destruction agree. The Sumerian language was confounded from 2100-1800 B.C. at the time of the Tower of Babel and was then replaced by the Akkadian language. The biblical details of Abraham's war with four kings, his meeting with pharaoh, and the story of Israel and his son Joseph are confirmed by archaeology. The 1447 B.C. date for the Exodus is proven beyond doubt. Archaeological evidence places it near the end of the Thirteenth Egyptian Dynasty on David Rohl's New Chronology. This revised chronology is even harmonized with the latest radiocarbon dates. It is seen that the Israelite Conquest happened in the Middle Bronze Age IIB, the only period with archaeological evidence that the conquest happened. How the myth of Joshua's long day is due to a mistranslation is also explained. The account is actually about a total solar eclipse in 1406 B.C. visible from the land of Canaan.

Proof is also given that Jesus existed and that he was born in 2 B.C. and died in A.D. 32—which helps prove the accuracy of the Bible and an ancient American book of scripture. The harmony between the Bible and the Koran is discussed to unite Christians and Muslims—and the non-violent nature of true Islam is documented. Proof that Jesus Christ is the first being created by God is given, along with proof that the Bible teaches there are multiple gods. The harmony between monotheism and polytheism is thus explained. The Christian mysteries are also addressed.


Archaeological evidence for a most important ancient Mesoamerican scripture is presented to help prove that God exists and to point to the coming new world religion, along with much, much more fascinating information. This book proves that we live in a magickal universe and that God has given us scriptures and science to unite us in the end times. This will bring unity amid diversity!