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Hello, my name is Ms. Christina Hord and I am your 11th grade world geography teacher.  Though we will discuss many countries throughout the course this web page will be focused on the country of Saudi Arabia.  We will learn different facts about the country and assignments, reading material, and web links will be available to further help you in your discovery of Saudi Arabia.  Well, if you are ready to take a trip to a foreign land and learn about a different culture, then READY, SET, HERE WE GO ON TO.......






The following are links to articles about the country of Saudi Arabia.  After reading these articles, I will give extra credit question handouts in class.   There will be four different articles every week.  The extra credit is worth up to 15 points! Good Luck!  (the extra credit is optional, but very helpful)



Read pages 338-365 in your World Geography text book (a quiz will be given about the information)

Draw a chloropeth map of Saudi Arabia identify the two Holy cities of Islam and the bordering countries around Saudi Arabia.

Complete  a power point presentation on a cultural aspect of Saudi Arabia (themes will be given on a handout in class)




What is the dominant religion in Saudi Arabia and its Holy cities?

What type of government does Saudi Arabia have?

What is the name of the currency used in Saudi Arabia?


  Saudi Arabia National Soccer Team 2006


Kingdom Tower in the city of Riyadh (modern Saudi Arabia architecture)


Worshipers at the Holy city of Mecca


Satellite image of Saudi Arabia



Standard One: How to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.

*(This standard relates to the assignment of the chloropleth map)

Standard Three:  How to analyze the spatial organization of people places, and environments on Earth's surface.

*(This standard relates to the population of Saudi Arabia discussed in the reading assignment)

Standard Six:  How culture and experience influence people's perceptions of places and regions.

*(This standard relates to the culture aspects of Saudi Arabia that are discussed in the various        links provided)

Standard Fourteen:  How human actions modify the physical environment.

*(This standard relates to the oil fields that are located in Saudi Arabia discussed in the text book)



Message to the parents:

I am delighted to have you child in my class this year and to also help them prepare for college I'll will be treating your child like a young adult.  I expect the best from each and everyone of my students and I know you will expect that from your son or daughter.  With that said, it is very important to know how you child is doing in my class.  They should NOT procrastinate on any assignment that they are given.  My contact information is available below and feel free to contact me to set up a conference if you feel your son or daughter is not living up to their potential in my class.  I look forward to having a great year with your child and you as their parent!


Ms. Christina Hord

Lincoln High School

1234 Main Street.

Anywhere, USA 12345

phone: 123-456-7890



answers to brain teasers:

Islam; Mecca and Medina

absolute monarchy

Saudi Riyal