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Read more about my Family
My Dad
My Mom
My Brother
I have 4 people in my imediate family. My dad, my
mom, my brother, and me. My family is really
big. I have 8 grandparents, 1 great grandma, a great aunt,
and many many cousins, uncles, and aunts.
The main name is Spencer in the family. And that is the side
in which I have the most relitives, but there is also Otzman
and Dezinski.

  • My Dad
    • David Spencer. He is funny and sings all day long. My dad is a laid back person and doesn't like to argue or get
      into a bad situation. He works for Verizon as a trouble shooter, going out to people's houses and fixing there lines or climbing poles. It is very technical and difficult, but he is a people person and like to talk and get to know his clients.
  • My Mom
    • Denise Spencer. High strung and gets into arguments easily. She is a housewife and stays at home all day. She
      likes to play poker online and chat with her friends.
  • My Brother
    • Johnathan Spencer. He is thirteen and loves swords. He makes alot of things out of wood and metal because he
      likes those classes. He is often on the computer or playing FFXII.